Traducción de proficiency en Español:


competencia, n.

Pronunciación /prəˈfɪʃənsi//prəˈfɪʃ(ə)nsi/


  • 1

    competencia femenino
    level of proficiency nivel de competencia masculino
    • before noun proficiency pay bono de competencia
    • proficiency test prueba de habilidad / competencia
    • Penalty corner hits are an additional weapon to his accomplished all-round proficiency.
    • What it does test is verbal ability, not your proficiency in topics you learned in English class.
    • Each time you gain a level, you simply receive some ‘skill points,’ and you can spend those points on things like ability scores, weapon proficiencies, and skills.
    • The gags almost seem muted by the technical proficiency of a practiced master of cinema.
    • A relationship between a child's age and proficiency in early math skills also exists.
    • Of these, dexterity or technical proficiency is considered to be of paramount importance among surgical trainees.
    • Her gift is a pop proficiency that's rarer than musicianship in that she keeps people curious.