Traducción de programmer en Español:


programador, n.

(US programer)

Pronunciación /ˈprəʊɡramə//ˈproʊˌɡræmər/


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    Informática programador masculino
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    Televisión Radio encargada de programación femenino
    • Experienced Java programmers and project leaders will benefit from this book by comparing notes out of experience.
    • A good understanding of signals is important for an application programmer working in the Linux environment.
    • Each programmer is allowed no more than seven days to work on a project.
    • Today's programmers are still writing code the same way their predecessors did, using the same languages.
    • All the really good game programmers work for themselves anyway.
    • To start with, many programmers don't understand database design or query efficiency.
    • Bob is a software computer programmer and Mary previously worked as an executive secretary.
    • Two of the programmers were eventually hired on as full-time employees at regular salaries.
    • If they could, they'd fire me tomorrow and hire another programmer.
    • The code is relatively simple yet will look odd to even the most experienced Perl programmers.
    • So what about Linux, the effort of thousands of programmers around the world?
    • Throughout my 20s I was a computer programmer writing software for IBM mainframes.
    • Freelance programmers don't take vacations like this.
    • Experienced Java programmers are likely to be more at home with this latest revision.
    • Many of the most skilled programmers resented what was happening to their trade.
    • The Java language provides some classes and it likewise allows individual programmers to construct their own.
    • Open source programmers realize this and are beginning to cater toward simplicity.
    • Academia has managed to secure significantly more funding than open source programmers.
    • Denmark apparently lacks skilled game programmers and Danish games companies are having difficulty finding staff.
    • Likewise, only a fraction of all the programmers around the world speak English.
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