Traducción de projectile en Español:


proyectil, n.

Pronunciación /prə(ʊ)ˈdʒɛktʌɪl//prəˈdʒɛktl//prəˈdʒɛkˌtaɪl//prə(ʊ)ˈdʒɛktɪl/


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    proyectil masculino
    • Again, rockets and cannon projectiles present a complementary mix to the family of fires.
    • Ammunition stocks disappeared as artillery fired projectiles far in excess of prewar projections.
    • ‘These guns can be converted to fire projectiles so anything that makes it more difficult for guns to be used in this way is good,’ he said.
    • For the first time, interchangeable and multiple barrels can be made available to fire a range of projectiles of varying calibers from the same handgun.
    • From the 300 projectiles which NATO has fired so far, only four have hit something of substance.
    • They were in reality projectiles ultimately fired by the US navy.
    • They will fire projectiles back and the longer you take to disable the defenses, the lesser of an army you'll have at your disposal to rush the remaining defenders.
    • The Shmel, classified as a flamethrower, fires rocket-propelled projectiles.
    • Warfare is the next step with the powers of hot gas being harnessed to fire projectiles from cannons or small arms.
    • As a result, their danger potential is extremely low, even compared to regular airguns firing metallic projectiles.
    • The soldiers firing the projectiles were his heroes.
    • Robins also invented the ballistic pendulum which allowed precise measurements of the velocity of projectiles fired from guns.
    • Autopsies revealed that multiple 9mm projectiles fired from police guns had killed both men.
    • However, these foes are then converted into explosive projectiles that can be fired like rockets from the cannon.
    • Modern artillery functions in the same way as all firearms, but fires larger projectiles over longer distances.
    • The US military acknowledged that the helicopter was likely brought down by small-arms fire or a projectile fired from the ground.
    • These slits, called murder holes, could be used by the defenders to fire projectiles at any foes within the passageway.
    • The system uses precharged barrels holding multiple projectiles that are fired by electronic ignition.
    • Now, obviously what they can't protect against completely is rockets and other sort of projectiles fired into that area.
    • The Vulcan works by firing a projectile at high speed into a landmine, ripping it apart without detonating the explosives.