Traducción de prolific en Español:


prolífico, adj.

Pronunciación /prəˈlɪfɪk//prəˈlɪfɪk/


  • 1

    • That North Mart must be a very prolific species.
    • Both are frequently images of creativity: rabbits are prolific and snakes shed their skins and grow new ones as an act of renewal.
    • You'll soon get to recognise the most prolific weeds in your garden and discover ways to keep them under control.
    • It is one of Britain's most prolific weeds, with its creeping, fanned leaves having taken over large swathes of countryside.
    • Meyers are a dime a dozen in many California backyards (we had a prolific tree next to our oranges).
    • It is only the female midge that bites (we refrain from any inappropriate comment whatsoever) and they are extremely prolific.
    • Backs of vacant houses create a poor impression at the Docks, where weeds were quite prolific on the gravel areas.
    • The average working life of a bee is eight weeks during the summer but the queen is very prolific and lays between 2,000-3,000 eggs a day so the hives are self generating.
    • The total catch remains high because they are replaced by short-lived, prolific species like mackerels.
  • 2

    (author/artist) prolífico
    • These prolific composers often wrote several operas in a single year, and reports of new performances spread quickly from city to city.
    • Although he was prolific, producing some 200 canvases in just one year at Arles, hardly anything sold.
    • He was a prolific composer, writing symphonies, concertos, sonatas, and dramatic works.
    • Here is an amazingly prolific young songwriter who is teetering on the brink of worldwide recognition.
    • She is also a prolific composer of ballads in English and Irish.
    • There has hardly been a more prolific writer with a greater range of material to choose from.
    • No black woman writer had been as prolific.
    • Michael is one of the most prolific people in this business, with a number of books and a huge number of lectures behind him.
    • He's one of the most prolific people out there in music right now.
    • Seeing this wealth of material brings home what an extraordinarily prolific group they were.
    • He was immensely prolific, producing more than 1,000 paintings and a great many drawings.
    • He doesn't do fiction, of course, but he is mighty prolific.
    • He developed into an extremely prolific playwright, novelist, and lecturer.
    • Beamish is one of the best-known names in classical music, and Britain's most prolific composer of concertos.
    • The prolific composer has led his own bands of all sizes, including big bands.
    • He was incredibly prolific, writing hundreds of choral, keyboard and instrumental works.
    • His passion for classical music, coupled with boundless energy, has made him one of the most prolific composers of the age.
    • A prolific poet and author, he appears for the time being to have put down his pen.
    • Helps was a legendary pianist and a prolific composer.
    • Yet for someone who spends most of his life on the road he is a very prolific recording artist.