Traducción de proof positive en Español:

proof positive

prueba concluyente, n.


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    prueba concluyente femenino
    • The collection was original, dynamic and chic, proof positive of why Mori ranks high among the world's best fashion designers.
    • This policy is proof positive that our government has not.
    • In the process of tidying up today, though, I found this wonderful picture of me aged nine, providing proof positive that I was a juvenile activist.
    • Well, I think that's proof positive that we need to change the tone in Washington.
    • So, that's proof positive that if you're good and you want to make it happen, it doesn't matter where you're from.
    • When the going got tough they organised a grassroots protest to stop the worst happening - proof positive that when people are given opportunities, they very often make the most of them.
    • The fact that most people don't know what theory means is proof positive of the lousy job we already do of teaching philosophy of science to our students.
    • Johnson's comments are proof positive of this.
    • The constantly changing ‘goals,’ like the rabbit running ahead of the greyhounds, is proof positive.
    • The fact that Johnson, with undeniable media savvy, has got in on the act is proof positive that blogs have gone from web curiosity to mainstream medium.
    • I'd call it a minor miracle - and proof positive of a growing appetite for independent, alternative points of view.
    • Yet, by and large, the mainstream media have accepted the words of these politicians and apparently believe that proof positive exists.
    • The almost doubling of violent attacks, on top of an even larger rise in 2000, is proof positive of the high risks faced by young people in particular on the streets at night.
    • Isn't the fact that prices came down after the big sell-offs proof positive that the change of ownership was crucial?
    • I think those guys are proof positive that you can do distinctively Canadian television that doesn't totally stink.
    • This is the trap that most businesses tend to fall into and is proof positive that proper planning is a vital ingredient for any business.
    • The final four that battled it out in the conference finals were proof positive.