Traducción de propaganda en Español:


propaganda, n.

Pronunciación /prɒpəˈɡandə//ˌprɑpəˈɡændə/


  • 1

    propaganda femenino
    (war/campaign) (before noun) de propaganda
    propaganda material propaganda femenino
    • it was used for propaganda purposes lo usaron con fines propagandísticos
    • This stands, as we shall see, in a long tradition of propaganda by deed.
    • The Independent's source then shed additional light on the tactics of the government propaganda machine.
    • One part of what we have to do is contest reformism's ideas and practices, in direct argument and propaganda.
    • The Cold War may be over, but the intelligence-gathering and propaganda machines grind on.
    • The miners were no angels but the media was blatantly and cynically used as a propaganda machine for the government.
    • Removal of context is one of most persistent propaganda tactics around.
    • The US media and politicians were quick to spot the propaganda potential of these victories.
    • The media and the government started a fierce propaganda campaign to change this opinion.
    • Perhaps only a long period of education or propaganda could remove our abhorrence.
    • The influence of advertisers is only one element of this propaganda system.
    • It is time our student funded newspaper practised true journalism and not propaganda.
    • The role of the government propaganda camps known as public schools cannot be discounted in all this.
    • It all looked terribly cool, the power of propaganda and marketing at work.
    • What should have been a propaganda coup for Germany turned out to be the opposite.
    • To regard this as a propaganda coup is to misunderstand the sociopathic threat that confronts us.
    • The third method is to set up a system of accountability for propaganda work.