Traducción de proper en Español:


apropiado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈprɑpər//ˈprɒpə/


  • 1

    (treatment/procedure) apropiado
    (treatment/procedure) adecuado
    (answer/pronunciation) correcto
    it's not in its proper place no está en su sitio / lugar
    • that's not the proper way to pronounce it así no se pronuncia
    • the proper tool for the job la herramienta adecuada / apropiada para el trabajo
    • this isn't the proper moment to talk about that este no es el momento más indicado / oportuno para hablar de eso
    • the proper respect el debido respeto
    • Those are sandbags being carried via military helicopter to be dropped within the flooded areas there of New Orleans proper.
    • They need proper medical attention and so the state government needs to establish centres which will be able to deal with complicated deliveries.
    • He should choose a proper distance, appropriate height and angle.
    • I thought the approach that I brought to the interview was the proper one under those circumstances and at that time.
    • Clearly, there has been pressure from both sides of the House for the Government to give us more time to consider whether it is proper or appropriate given the level of threat that we face.
    • If you have to get up every morning and go to work, you may as well be guaranteed suitable working conditions and proper compensation.
    • Warrenpoint now proceed to the first round proper where they will meet Irvinestown from Fermanagh back in Clontiberet in a fortnight's time.
    • They're not going to be taxed on hotel rooms if they can prove that they were living in New Orleans proper and that they're actual evacuees.
    • Information leaflets ask riders to make sure they have proper helmets and appropriately maintained bikes, and are experienced enough to tackle the trails.
    • According to Nietzsche, ‘art is the highest task and the proper metaphysical activity of this life’.
    • The visit is part of the host town programme and he will visit a number of the sporting facilities and amenities that will be used by the athletes prior to the games proper.
    • While five of their boxers got through on Saturday to contest the finals proper on Sunday, none succeeded in getting the decision in the ring.
    • Often when dealing with parts of the engine, or the hard-to-reach spots under the hood, proper tools are required.
    • And the Government will have to work harder to get a proper regulatory framework in place if super choice is to actually happen.
    • It seems like there's a strip of stores and businesses three miles long, from the Michigan border into Iron Mountain proper.
    • Having meditated on the fact that Minnesota wants for a poet laureate proper, City Pages decided to do our bit to remedy that lack.
    • Apart from the paraphernalia near the booth there was another aspect of the launch occurring on the large video screen in Federation Square proper.
    • However, a late change of strategy saw them gamble on running the gelding in the Champion proper.
    • Without proper geographical coordinates one can not solve ‘overlapping areas’ of conflict.
    • And we haven't been able to really put a number on, you know, those that have lost their lives in New Orleans proper.
    • Did Dean turn the father in to the proper legal authorities?
    • They don't know how to assess liability, what proper trail-building techniques are and what's sustainable.
    • And to get the proper tests done requires a strong regulatory agency.
    • Its proper use requires moral reflection and the establishment of moral limits.
    • Although falling outside the dates of Heritage Week proper, the Rut Walk on Sunday, September 25 is another must.
    • There is no proper pedestrian crossing on this stretch.
    • This game is due to take place on Sunday May 4th and the Sarsfields will have to be at their very best if they hope to advance to the first round proper.
    • This procedure is often time-consuming, tedious to perform and requires proper facilities.
    • I'd want part of my work to be giving medical attention to the rural masses that have never had proper medical facilities.
    • Parking will be restricted in the Village from 2.30 pm with the Parade proper scheduled to get underway at 4pm.
    • Appropriate modification and proper implementation of a unified public health Act for the State is the need of the hour.
    • In fact what we have been witnessing in recent times is an extension of the state sector under the cloak of trying to ensure proper economic competition.
    • However, medical authorities have now claimed that the medical research leading to the finding lacks a proper scientific basis.
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    • 2.1(genuine)

      they didn't give us a proper chance no nos dieron una verdadera oportunidad
      • she never has a proper meal nunca come como es debido / como Dios manda
      • Without a proper public transport system and with motor insurance being compulsory by law, young drivers are not in a position to simply take it or leave it.
      • Two weeks after leaving the house, she confided in me that she didn't regard it as a proper album; that, she said, would come next year.
      • By 332 he regarded himself as the proper ruler of the Persian empire, and after Gaugamela he was acclaimed king of Asia.
      • Anyway, I set up my baby on the new folding table I bought the other day and sat my keyboard chair in front of it like a proper little desk.
      • So, of course, we had real jobs with proper tax codes, an optional pensions scheme, sickness cover and employee rights.
      • I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment after over two months; I had a real, tangible, proper bed.
      • And will he then adopt such tactics in his proper job, asking Interpol to police our streets if his British bobbies find they are not winning many fixtures?
      • I just wanted to say that we have not forgotten the issue, and that it is a very real one that needs proper debate and consideration by all of us in the House.
      • After eight months without a proper job I now realise that I am more myself than I have ever been and I actually quite like myself and appreciate myself more.
      • Surely there can be no genuine democracy without proper self-determination free from the narrow minded preferences of an aggressor state.
      • So for once I actually had three proper meals in a day.
      • Herbicides inhibit the flow of natural and synthetic auxins, which are necessary for proper plant growth.
      • She warned that unless Dave managed to hold down a proper job he could end up crying for real over the end of their relationship.
      • There is no fence to separate it from the nearby kampung, and no proper external lighting.
      • Many are actually ordinary middle-class citizens with proper jobs and houses.
      • So the killer question is: who do you regard as a proper diver?
      • Now I've heard some say that these aren't proper jobs.
      • It will undertake projects to provide proper drinking water, waste disposal and sanitation facilities for pilgrims.
      • His clothing is a little closer to proper formal attire, at least.
      • No doubt, hawking is not often regarded as a proper job, but in reality, it involves minimum investment with maximum returns.

    • 2.2British informal

      (as intensifier) verdadero
      (as intensifier) auténtico
      he's a proper gent es todo un caballero
      • Part of me wanted to tell her that Lydia had happily left home to be with Matty and was looking forward to their marriage and becoming a proper little housewife.
      • In short, I was a proper little Cultural Revolutionary in the making.
      • She's a proper little child, getting into mischief.

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    • 3.1

      (person/behavior) correcto
      we shall do as we think proper haremos lo que nos parezca bien / correcto
      • it is only (right and) proper that he should have first choice lo justo es que elija él primero
      • I thought it proper to ask your permission me pareció que lo correcto era pedirle permiso
      • I don't think that it is proper for me to give the details.
      • He insisted that it was not proper for the court to handle the dispute before the administration had settled the matter.
      • It is not proper for the government to keep the innocent ignorant in order to help the guilty.
      • I didn't think it was proper for me to do that, because it was really his decision.
      • It's not exactly proper for ladies to get involved in such things.
      • It's very proper for the Council to watch extremely carefully what I do and what those who work with me do.
      • We do not mean to say that they should be restricted from talking in proper seasons, but they should be taught to know when it is proper for them to cease.
      • A true paragon of a British military officer, he was efficient, proper and habitually thorough.
      • But no, neither was proper for a young lady of noble blood, a princess especially.
      • It is not proper for him to denounce other religions as false.
      • It's quite proper for me to say that it would be improper for me to comment on these matters.
      • What was not proper for women, however, could easily be enacted by the dance figures in the space of spectacle.
      • She'd learned to ride sidesaddle, as was proper for a young lady.
      • At issue was whether it was proper for the public to attend the basketball social.
      • It would not be proper for one, for example, to go and visit the site and then come back and report to the rest of the jury.
      • It is proper for both parties to talk via their host about staggering their attendance times, and far preferable to one being invited and not the other.
      • It is perfectly proper for a local paper to throw its weight behind one side in a local issue, as it is for a columnist to express a personal opinion.
      • He dislikes dogs partly out of a sense of duty-he feels that, given his commitment to cats, it would not be quite proper for him to like dogs as well.
      • It is obviously proper for Parliament to lay down the framework within which the Judiciary operates.
      • I was taught that it's not proper for a young woman to either call a young man on the phone or ask him for a date.

    • 3.2(overly decorous)


  • 4

    • 4.1(in the strict sense)

      propiamente dicho
      we had still not reached the mountain proper todavía no habíamos llegado a la montaña propiamente dicha

    • 4.2to be proper toformal (belonging)

      ser propio de
      • On the other hand, it has the distinction proper to students who know to respect themselves and the things of the spirit to which they dedicate themselves.


  • 1coloquial

    como Dios manda
  • 2dialecto

    I was proper chuffed, I was! estaba contentísimo