Traducción de proportion en Español:


parte, n.

Pronunciación /prəˈpɔːʃ(ə)n//prəˈpɔrʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    parte femenino
    porcentaje masculino
    a large / high proportion of the voters un gran porcentaje de los votantes
    • a proportion of the money raised parte / un porcentaje del dinero recaudado
    • She has also attracted the biggest proportion of male viewers to her channel.
    • Improbable though it sounds, this attitude appears to be shared by a proportion of companies in almost every sector of the British economy.
    • Primary teaching has had a far higher proportion of women teachers, many of whom are second income-earners.
    • Admittedly, these conditions afflict a very small proportion of the population.
    • A substantially higher proportion of the whole population comes to be defined as urban dwelling.
    • In addition, the study found there was a relatively low proportion of the labour force with third level qualifications.
    • In my view the bad cases are normally a very small proportion.
    • For a large and rapidly expanding proportion of the workforce it represents a new identity, which enables them to opt out of work for long periods of time.
    • For a game that ought to have a wide appeal, I imagine that only a relatively small proportion of people will actually play it all the way through to the end.
    • However, this approach identifies the problem in only a relatively small proportion of the many cases where things go wrong in health care.
    • There is also little agreement over what proportion of a prison population needs to be locked up in this way.
    • We have no information as to what proportion of cases were decided and what proportion were settled.
    • Instruct the budget committee to allocate some proportion of the funds to the service side of the organization, as they see fit.
    • What proportion of tax revenues must government spend in order to collect those taxes?
    • As might be expected, a larger than average proportion of the riding's workforce is in business and management.
    • The result has been a dramatic difference with a much higher proportion of shop owners in England successfully prosecuted.
    • If his reported revenues were to be believed he alone was contributing a surprisingly large proportion of the revenues of the Group as a whole.
    • The only good news is that this is clearly recognised by a very large proportion of the public, not just in Australia but around the world.
    • Less good news, however, is the very low proportion of people who chose to go the polling station to exercise their democratic right to cast a ballot.
    • What I said was they were given proportionally, and the member's proportion was correct.
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    proporción femenino
    mix them in the proportion four to three mézclelos en una proporción de cuatro partes por cada tres
    • in equal proportions por partes iguales
    • to vary in direct/inverse proportion with sth variar en proporción directa/inversa a algo
    • in proportion to sth en proporción a algo
    • The odds ratio is the same whichever way round we look at the table, but the difference and ratio of proportions are not.
    • Thus the ratio of the proportions of deleterious mutations and nonsynonymous sites to that at synonymous sites is 6.6: 1.
    • Medieval theories of ratios and proportions and of the intension and remission of forms were applied to problems of motion.
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    (proper relation)
    proporción femenino
    the head isn't in proportion to the body la cabeza no está (bien) proporcionada / está desproporcionada con respecto al cuerpo
    • let's keep things in proportion no exageremos
    • to blow sth up out of all proportion exagerar algo desmesuradamente
    • you're getting everything out of proportion estás exagerando las cosas
    • his salary is out of all proportion to his talent su sueldo no guarda proporción con su talento
    • To penetrate to the reality of a thing, however, requires proportion, which belongs to the realm of order and unity.
    • Finally, general issues of layout, proportion and composition are also examined.
    • Palladian architecture adheres to the Roman principles of symmetry and proportion.
    • The houses were always designed with proportion in mind, and how it felt to move from room to room.
    • The garden's structure and proportion are flawless, the colour combinations sublime.
    • In fact, no matter how frenzied or freaked-out a song gets, there is always, somewhere, a sense of order and proportion.
    • Pythagoras went on to develop a very, very elaborate system of proportion.
    • Fashion may have changed over the years, but the pursuit of that ideal body proportion has not.
    • A simple technique to break up the space while retaining proportion to the primary architectural elements is to lay out a grid over your drawing.
    • The book begins with an essay on symmetry and then describes the use of symmetry and proportion in the design of temples.
    • The curtain style can make or break the total harmony and proportion of a room, and we are constantly asked how to choose the most appropriate style for a window.
    • Dürer, the first artist in the North to take up these studies, was obsessed throughout his life by the search for ideal proportion.
    • So obviously something more is needed to help bring up a person's proportion and symmetry.
  • 4proportions plural

    proporciones femenino
    dimensiones femenino
    • He is a middle-aged man, of pretty stout proportions, has a long intellectual face, with beard and moustache and a fine prominent forehead, hair dark rather inclining to turn grey.
    • I shifted slightly, uncomfortably; the chair was built for different proportions.
    • The difficulties of childhood now assume quite different proportions.
    • She was small; petite, some might say, in terms of proportions.
    • Indeed, the triggering event was an embarrassing error, which precipitated a scandal of regal proportions.
    • Suddenly the Ireland of the ‘great craic’ so beloved of visiting stag parties began to assume different proportions.
    • This is an achievement of fantastic proportions.
    • I just thought it was in different proportions than it is, and that is partly due to the zoom used by the agent who took the photos on the web.
    • To my mind this was the defining moment in the great India-Pakistan cricketing divide when contests assumed proportions and dimensions other than mere sport.
    • At moments like this, life takes on different proportions.
    • If they do, a battle of different proportions may ensue.
    • Her relationships assume other proportions even as the country goes through the throes of upheaval.
    • It was only by simplifying the issues… that Newton succeeded in reducing them to manageable proportions.

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    proportion the model on a scale of 1:100 haz la maqueta a escala 1:100
    • the drawing is poorly proportioned el dibujo está mal proporcionado / no está proporcionado
    • a perfectly proportioned building un edificio de proporciones perfectas
    • a well-proportioned room una habitación de buenas proporciones