Traducción de proprietorial en Español:


de propietario, adj.

Pronunciación /p(r)əˌpraɪəˈtɔriəl//prəˌprʌɪəˈtɔːrɪəl/


  • 1

    (rights) de propietario
  • 2

    (attitude/manner) de amo y señor
    he came into the office with a proprietorial air entró en la oficina con aires de amo y señor del lugar
    • This pretty particularness might seem an affectation, but he says he was like that as a kid, when to set himself apart from his brother he would claim proprietorial rights to food and TV programmes.
    • He looks what he claims to be, her friend, confidant and protector, a smiling, slightly proprietorial figure.
    • You can understand children of the 1960s being proprietorial about rock.
    • Normally he was there on the left as you go in, on a kind of proprietorial plinth.
    • Ministers often feel proprietorial about their departments.
    • It has been free from proprietorial interference for nearly 10 years now.
    • Certainly a lot of blogging is a form of journalism but without the commercial, editorial or proprietorial pressures.
    • All went swimmingly at first, and I had that warm, faintly proprietorial glow that goes with introducing friends to somewhere that you feel has been your own brilliant discovery.
    • Another option might be to create an editorial board with real legal safeguards against proprietorial dismissal.
    • They feel proprietorial, as though the Big Apple were theirs to consume.
    • The internet, the most effective means yet discovered for sharing proprietorial information, redefines the concept of copyright beyond anything the law can keep up with.
    • One possibility is that people feel different about photos than they do with playlists and music - more proprietorial, more nervous of sharing.
    • Road rage is a telling example; that's just people becoming proprietorial about something they should share.
    • Some quite inquisitive - and even proprietorial - individuals came close, begging for food and carefully observing us whilst we worked in the water.
    • Can I write your story into a film and leach you of any kind of proprietorial rights?
    • It's a caper through London's East End in the company of four blokes with a proprietorial interest in a boozer, which acts as the control centre for their dodgy enterprises.
    • Will they allow us to continue editing and producing this paper without proprietorial interference?
    • ‘Just look at these mountains,’ he says, with all the proprietorial pride of a man who feels he is monarch of all he surveys.
    • I am not proprietorial about the idea at all and I urge any of you who like the concept to do the same.