Traducción de propulsion en Español:


propulsión, n.

Pronunciación /prəˈpʌlʃ(ə)n//prəˈpəlʃən/


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    propulsión femenino
    jet propulsion propulsión a chorro
    • In the fast ferry industry the water jet is becoming the predominant propulsion of choice.
    • Contributors to the collection address these metaphors of propulsion and seizure.
    • They feed by day and by night, and forage by swimming underwater, using their wings for propulsion.
    • There are, though, two half-hearted subplots which give some vague sense of propulsion.
    • This is obviously beneficial, given that more propulsion helps us to move forwards.
    • With more effort my propulsion through the water increased, although I still used my hands for balance.
    • The units will provide auxiliary power to the vehicles and will not be used for propulsion.
    • This kick has more forward propulsion and causes the hips to rise, just like in butterfly.
    • All sea snakes have flattened compressed paddle-like tails for propulsion in water.
    • I flew downward but with a burst of propulsion I was able to stop my descent.
    • The latter ended up drifting without navigation or propulsion for two hours.
    • It will be the first European probe using electric propulsion.
    • Kitesurfing involves riding a small board over water while gaining propulsion from the wind by means of a large kite.
    • Learning how to minimise drag has a far greater impact than maximising propulsion.
    • As the name implies, it is a hovercraft type of vehicle with motorcycle steering and propulsion.
    • In electric traction, the first inventions for propulsion of vehicles were by battery-stored power.
    • The propulsion and power systems are controlled from the Machinery Control Room.
    • An aeroplane requires a set of wings for lift, wing flaps and rear rudder for control and engines for propulsion.
    • I was happy that the wrecks of Champion and Iona were still there, giving divers the chance to see a method of propulsion that is now almost extinct.
    • Because he found it harder to gain purchase with his feet, he was using his knees for propulsion, rubbing them red in the process.