Traducción de prosper en Español:


prosperar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈprɒspə//ˈprɑspər/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (industry/business) prosperar
    • These groups were prospering financially and enhancing the Spanish economy.
    • The once prospering city was now a leveled junkyard.
    • He invested in plastics manufacture and farming and prospered financially, but he knew he was vulnerable.
    • If people have a passion and are on a mission to be successful - they will prosper.
    • Evolving with the times, it has survived and prospered by remaining flexible.
    • The peasantry prospered by clearing land until the mid-ninth century, when it began to lose ground to its aristocratic neighbours, as land sales show.
    • A number of buildings were already provided and if the institution was to prosper it would need to expand.
    • But if the game is to survive and prosper it will have to translate impressive viewing figures into commercial revenue.
    • Companies that prosper over the long term don't just offer good deals.
    • To survive and prosper you may have to change with it or adapt your systems and attitudes to suit.
    • As they prospered products were segmented and increasingly customized.
    • They are all well-run, prudent clubs who survive and sometimes prosper year in, year out.
    • Only if the basic fundamental rights are protected can a country succeed and prosper.
    • They may conclude that for a business to prosper in the long term, they need a stable, permanent workforce.
    • Destiny lies in your own hands, but to develop and prosper you must be prepared to work hard.
    • Unbalanced growth can also indicate whether even once prospering areas are developing anti-industrial land use or other slow- or no-growth regulatory policies.
    • Community groups across East Lancashire are set to prosper thanks to a new initiative which is being backed by a Rossendale firm.
    • He never prospered financially, and was unable to avail himself of the chance of a safe parliamentary seat as he lacked the money from captured enemy prizes to ‘grease the political machine’.
    • Several times, she had almost given up hope that the business would ever prosper and the only thing that kept her going had been her pride.
    • The company has prospered by elevating one goal above all others: cutting prices relentlessly.
  • 2

    (motion/idea) prosperar