Traducción de protect en Español:


proteger, v.

Pronunciación /prəˈtɛkt//prəˈtɛkt/

verbo transitivo

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    (animal/person) proteger
    (interests/rights) proteger
    (interests/rights) salvaguardar
    to protect sth/sb from/against sth/sb proteger algo/a algn de/contra algo/algn
    • to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords proteger a los inquilinos de los propietarios sin escrúpulos
    • it protects you against colds te protege contra los resfriados
    • a protected species una especie protegida
    • Recent research shows that only half the dogs and cats in the UK are fully protected against infectious diseases.
    • None of the sites are protected from agricultural development.
    • I promised to protect you, all those years ago at the orphanage, and that's what I am doing right now.
    • Hanging begonias should also be protected from strong winds as much as possible.
    • Many of the actions required are already within the scope of existing conventions concerned with wildlife conservation, insofar as they list marine species or marine protected areas on their annexes.
    • We have rights which are constitutionally protected and we have the right to exercise those rights.
    • The base was a mile below the surface and was also protected by an energy shield.
    • Also try to place your containers in an area that is protected from wind.
    • Sadly all these developments are taking place in areas that were previously protected from any tourist development projects.
    • In the southeast quadrant, the remaining primary forest has been set aside as a conservation area protected by legislation and supernatural strictures.
    • I thought my privacy was protected by the constitution.
    • Up until then, they'd been a relatively protected species.
    • I hope outrage is expressed - we have got to protect what we have.
    • Known endangered species are currently protected from any form of testing by law, with the exception of testing a cure which may be for the benefit of the particular species.
    • Framed in a rich tortoiseshell, their square amber lenses protect against UV damage.
    • She must accept the inevitable and protect against the greater harm.
    • They are also involved in improving public access, protecting agricultural lands, and restoring urban waterfronts.
    • The final hurdle has at last been overcome in the battle to give Middleton protected Conservation Area status.
    • None of the commercial hunters I have met would have starved if he had refrained from hunting totally protected species.
    • Water quality in reservoirs will also be improved and the forests in their catchment areas better protected.
    • A number of acute-phase reactants protect against tissue injury in response to heat stress.
    • The local council plans to demolish over 400 houses in blocks immediately adjacent to almost indistinguishable streets protected as a conservation area.
    • The county development plan envisioned The Curragh being designated a national park and protected from development as an Area of Special Amenity.
    • Since then areas have been marked off as reef preserves or protected areas, and many of the dive sites have been buoyed.
    • The area of blanket bog protected is 35,397 ha, or 88% of the official blanket bog target.
    • The decision opens the previously protected areas to development.
    • The same, however, is not the case for items protected by copyright.
    • How come this stuff wasn't protected by attorney-client privilege?
    • However, they should be treated differently and part of their privacy is not protected by law.
    • Can you give me some examples of what can happen if moral rights aren't protected by legislation?
    • In the last 70 years, extirpations have continued even in natural areas protected in parks.
    • It has directly lied about these events to protect its soldiers.
    • National Park chiefs have given two Dales villages conservation area status to protect them from inappropriate development.
    • This ‘new’ land is increasingly being taken from areas with deep peat soils and is thus nominally protected from development.
    • At the moment less than 5% of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is actually protected as no-take areas and that clearly has to change.
    • Holding shares will not protect workers from job losses or attacks on conditions.
    • Fortunately it was a thick material so as to protect the thing better.
    • Another essential fat, omega - 3, also protects against heart disease.
    • They did not take my fears seriously and they went back on their promise to protect me.
    • Even areas protected as parkland have suffered significant losses of native plant species.

verbo intransitivo

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    to protect from/against sth proteger de/contra algo