Traducción de protest en Español:


protesta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈprəʊtɛst//ˈproʊˌtɛst/


  • 1

    protesta femenino
    (meeting/march) (before noun) de protesta
    there was little protest against the new measures hubo pocas protestas / objeciones contra las nuevas medidas
    • they left without protest se fueron sin protestar
    • in protest (at/against sth) en señal de protesta (por/contra algo)
    • In protest, the opposition did not participate in the vote, speaking of fraud and a ‘law of shame.’
    • The clashes were followed by protests on Tuesday, which were broken up by riot police.
    • A protest march is planned to take place on Thursday February 13.
    • In protest, town officials took down their provincial flags.
    • In protest, the new minister in town organized a bus boycott.
    • The news that budgetary considerations meant it would not be returning to the screens in the New Year drew strong protests from the public and the media.
    • He said people should join a planned protest on July 1 to express their calls for democracy.
    • The struggle against war cannot consist merely of organizing one protest demonstration after another.
    • Many different forms of student protest have already been organised.
    • In some towns the students staged sit-down protests in the streets.
    • In Australia and New Zealand there are enough victims of real estate crooks to form a protest march to rival any public demonstration.
    • The protest demonstrations prior to the outbreak of war were the largest in history.
    • Instead, this is the moment to storm out in protest.
    • In protest, she has been withholding rent for the past six months which has resulted in her being sued by her landlord, she says.
    • And neither are condemnatory statements and protests, although they do serve the purpose of highlighting this scourge in our society.
    • The fact that the public have to resort to demonstrations or angry protests against administration policy show that there is something currently wrong with the relationship.
    • Hannah wails as she throws herself on the floor and clings to her mother's legs in protest.
    • In protest against the police behaviour, they went on the road to block traffic.
    • The protesters congregated outside parliament before holding a sit-down protest in front of Downing Street.
    • Last week's protests came weeks after a general strike against the cuts paralysed the country.
    • She said that following an interview on North West Radio to gauge public reaction to a protest rally, she was inundated with phone calls of support.
    • In protest over the delay, Mr Smith began withholding rent in December, 1995.
    • I have seen her shriek in protest, and then stop it when she seriously objects.
    • The incidences of violent crime are ongoing, and the more horrific ones usually spark some kind of immediate public reaction like a protest or a march.
    • The ravaged stretch - neglected for a decade - had drawn strong protests from the public.
    • Last week's protest far exceeded the expectations of the organisers, who had predicted 100,000 would attend.
    • And demonstration, marches, protests are part of democracy.
    • I grumbled in protest, but reached for my keys anyway.
    • In protest, some believers adopted a way of life known as monasticism.
    • Yet their only " crime " was to seek to organize peaceful anti-government protests.
    • The government proposed phone charge increases of an average 35 percent in January, but delayed the hike due to strong protests from the public.
    • Anyone in their right mind would have stormed out in protest, holding their stomachs.
    • As the peaceful sit-down protest was winding down the police announced they would forcefully remove people.
    • Jacqueline opened her mouth in protest, but at his obvious disapproval, decided against it.
    • In protest, the remaining seven members of the board resigned.
    • And the new structure prompted angry protests from residents.
    • My stomach grumbled in protest to all the junk I had gorged myself on.
    • About 3,000 striking workers launched a sit-in hunger protest on July 2, outside the Health Ministry.
    • People are making their own efforts to organise demonstrations and protest marches.
    • The weekend's protests began in Melbourne, Australia, where 150,000 converged on the centre of the city.
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    protesta femenino
    to register/lodge a protest dejar constancia de/presentar una protesta
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    manifestación de protesta femenino

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to protest against/about/at sth protestar contra/acerca de/por algo
    • to protest to sb (to authorities, in writing) elevar una protesta a algn
    • Thousands of Greek workers protested against the government's economic policies in the city of Thessaloniki on September 10.
    • During last week's committee session, several opposition lawmakers strongly protested against the military's failure to send service leaders to the committee.
    • They say there are people protesting, there are people complaining, there are people saying they want the plan changed.
    • Silently cursing, he dragged himself to his feet and followed the elder knight, protesting with his usual complaints.
    • The workers also protested against poor working conditions and job losses.
    • And one woman objected to her husband protesting about cyclists.
    • The taxi association members were protesting against the impounding of their vehicles by traffic authorities for not having operating permits.
    • He booted him out of the bar in front of his friends, which according to bar staff he had absolutely no legal right to do, and threatened to kick everyone out if they kept protesting.
    • To our objections, he protested that he had repeated our order back to us, and this is what we had ordered.
    • Workers also protested against the low wages they receive, compared to permanent staff.
    • Planners, who will consider whether to grant planning permission next month, have received at least 12 objections protesting about the loss of green belt land.
    • Is it any wonder that eventually they begin to complain and protest?
    • The workers also protested against the company decision to send its Boeing 767 fleet to Singapore next year for servicing.
    • I protested at first, kicking my legs and waving my arms madly.
    • But I cannot even protest, because my complaint exposes me as an ingrate.
    • And, there were, of course, a few who protested against the revelry.
    • They are protesting against the imposition of a 1 percent pay rise for 2003 by the prison service.
    • Small farmers and health service workers have also repeatedly protested against government policies.
    • However, his prayers did not avert the famous Morozov strike of 1885, when his 8,000 workers protested against the fines.
    • The patient protested, again complained of pain, and again requested a C-section.
    • He told the committee that he understood why the objectors were protesting as they had enjoyed the open space and green field near their homes.
    • In Egypt demonstrators protested against the war, but at the same time attacked the regime.
    • Labor continued to resist change and various communities that would lose rail service protested to their congressional representatives.
    • It's as if they know, no matter how much they complain or protest, nothing will change.
    • While the flags of all 25 countries flapped in the light breeze, about 3,000 demonstrators protested against the war.
    • March 8, 1857 - Garment workers in New York city protested against poor working conditions and low wages.
    • The unions protested against wage cuts and layoffs for public sector workers.
    • In the new factories, industrial workers protested against the harsh conditions of work.
    • When I complained to the landlord, he protested that they were all okay before I had moved in.
    • About 10,000 German steel workers protested against the planned trading scheme on Monday.
    • For several months, French temporary art workers and technicians have protested against cuts in their unemployment assurance scheme.
    • Human-rights activists have protested against measures that would allow Britain to deport suspects to countries where they could face torture.
    • Another reason may be that talking to the media is a way of denouncing, protesting, and also of protecting yourself.
    • On December 3 thousands protested against government economic policy outside the Ukrainian legislature.
    • In some instances, detainees have been severely punished for complaining or protesting about the conditions inside the camps.
    • It doesn't matter how much you protest that they don't speak for you - they do, now.
    • Ever since the disputed elections of 2000, opponents have protested against the worsening economic situation and lack of political dialogue.
    • He also claims to have been punched, kicked and strangled by guards ten days later when he protested about being given less than an hour's exercise.
    • We strongly protest this decision and urge you immediately to reconsider this decision.
    • We felt it was our duty to protest on behalf of our investors.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(complain)

      to protest (to sb) that quejarse (a algn) de que

    • 1.2US (object to)

      (decision/action) protestar (contra)

  • 2

    (love) declarar
    (loyalty/innocence) hacer protestas de
    she protested that she was totally blameless afirmó / declaró enérgicamente que era inocente
    • He has always protested his innocence, claiming that on the night of the shooting he was with a friend.
    • The pair, who have always protested their innocence, were jailed for life and told they would have to serve a minimum of 15 years before becoming eligible for parole.
    • The council then banned the driver from driving school buses but he protested his innocence and insisted the girls had lied.
    • Contemporary dance is constantly called upon to protest its relevance against accusations of complacency and pretentiousness.
    • She had for the past three years protested her innocence, claiming that her son had drowned by accident.
    • He has always protested his innocence and is seeking an inquiry into his detention.
    • He can be as positive as he likes as he protests his innocence but he will need a minor miracle to get out of this scrape.
    • He has always protested his innocence and his legal team say new DNA evidence could help clear him of the murder.
    • A man who has spent 26 years in prison protesting his innocence of murder was suffering from a mental disorder at the time of his trial, the Court of Appeal heard yesterday.
    • All of those charges have protested their innocence, claiming that they were using accepted interrogation methods.
    • ‘There's no details worth sharing,’ I protested, mentally kicking myself for complaining about feeling off colour.
    • Edward was a quiet, honest, simple American who had always protested his innocence.
    • He was arrested for gun-running a week after he arrived, but has always protested his innocence.
    • The more he protests his innocence, the more time he spends in prison.
    • He said: ‘I have always protested my innocence and fought this case from day one.’
    • He has consistently protested his innocence and declared he has ‘a full answer’ to them.
    • They had consistently protested their innocence, claimed they were tortured in detention, and were eventually exonerated and released after sixteen years in prison.
    • They each got three life sentences after a lengthy trial just over two years later but have always protested their innocence.
    • She has always continued to protest her innocence.
    • But she has always protested her innocence, saying the fire was an accident.