Traducción de protoplasm en Español:


protoplasma, n.

Pronunciación /ˈproʊdəˌplæzəm//ˈprəʊtə(ʊ)ˌplaz(ə)m/


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    protoplasma masculino
    • They do not store vital dyes and, in the structure of their nucleus and the behavior of their protoplasm, resemble mesenchymal cells.
    • It is likely that lignified cells that lack membranes and protoplasm also lack sensitivity.
    • The protoplasm is extruded as pseudopods via the aperture and through any perforations that may be present in the test.
    • It was eventually realised that the culprit was a non-cellular form of ‘life’ that could diffuse through the cell walls and membranes into the cell's protoplasm.
    • Their protoplasm has a distinct reticular structure and contains-especially in the experiments with the introduction of egg yolk into the subcutaneous tissue-numerous clear vacuoles and granular inclusions.