Traducción de protuberant en Español:


protuberante, adj.

Pronunciación /prəˈt(j)ub(ə)rənt//prəˈtjuːb(ə)r(ə)nt/


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    (stomach/lump) protuberante
    (eyes) saltón
    • When this rounded contour appears to be greater than normal, the abdomen is said to be bulging or protuberant.
    • The tumors may be bluish, red-brown or flesh-colored and slowly infiltrate the surrounding tissues, eventually forming protuberant nodules and causing discomfort.
    • It is not unusual for a child with an abdominal mass to present because a family member notices a protuberant mass.
    • The aura of a mad childhood is created mainly by McCarthy's constant use of cartoon figures and grotesque rubbery masks, often with protuberant noses.
    • My fluffy white pillow was uncomfortably protuberant and I couldn't sleep all night.
    • He peered up at me with his protuberant glass-bead eyes, and I stared down at him through my reading glasses.
    • Internally, their protuberant eyes have cones above for color vision and rods below for monochromatic vision, allowing the fish to see both above and below water at the same time.
    • He turned his face resignedly back to the path, just in time to avoid tripping over a protuberant root.
    • The semicircle of his high, wide forehead swung down to the protuberant knobs of his cheekbones, and then tapered, concaving to the pointy bulb of his chin.
    • The protuberant eyes, big nose and tightly shut mouth give the guardian god a gracious, rather than awesome, appearance.
    • On physical examination, the patient was obese, with a protuberant abdomen but without palpable splenomegaly.
    • The eyes were two emeralds, strangely protuberant.
    • He was a short, balding man who was fairly thin, except for his quite large and protuberant beer belly.
    • He had these giant protuberant moles on his brow that vibrated when he yelled.
    • In some instances, a tight belt or other poorly fitted clothing can cause nerve root irritation, especially in physically unfit persons with protuberant abdomens.
    • Its hard, protuberant cones can't be concealed even under the largest sweatshirt you can wear in the office.
    • The gargoyles on the outside of the theatre were particularly hideous, with protuberant tongues, pointed teeth, slits for eyes and sharp claws; despite this Lucy had named them like pet animals before she knew it.
    • In severe cases, this results in impaired pulmonary function, a protuberant abdomen, and - because of compressed abdominal organs - early satiety and weight loss.
    • He had a rather large abdomen and protuberant (for want of a better word) buttocks.
    • How long before the protuberant outer ear is lopped?