Traducción de provide en Español:


Pronunciación /prəˈvaɪd//prəˈvʌɪd/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to provide sb with sth suministrarle / proporcionarle algo a algn
    • we provided them with food and blankets les suministramos / les proporcionamos comida y mantas
    • the state provides the orchestra with funds el estado subvenciona la orquesta
    • provide yourself with suitable clothing provéase de / procúrese ropa adecuada
    • to provide sth (for/to sb/sth)
    • is accommodation provided? ¿nos (or les etc.) dan alojamiento?
    • textbooks will be provided se proporcionarán / facilitarán los libros de texto
    • the garden provides enough vegetables for the family el huerto abastece a la familia de verduras
    • the company provides sports facilities for its staff la compañía cuenta con instalaciones deportivas para uso del personal
    • they are alleged to have provided arms to the rebels se dice que (les) suministraron armas a los rebeldes
    • the meeting provided an opportunity to put forward new proposals la reunión ofreció / brindó la oportunidad de presentar nuevas propuestas
    • the test results provided some clues los resultados de las pruebas dieron / proporcionaron algunas pistas
    • An office, canteen, library, weigh bridge, roads and water supply connections would be provided.
    • A variety of edibles and drink was provided and Joe Morrisroe supplied the music for the occasion.
    • Additional monies available should be provided when the heat need is greatest.
    • Plans to provide the first gas supply to an area of Jaywick could be in the pipeline.
    • Already, the school has provided clothes and supplies for the Wilkerson children.
    • There is no stipend, but college credit is available and lunch is provided.
    • More detailed information on the particular elements of the projects will be provided as it becomes available.
    • The group is active in repairing schools and providing educational supplies.
    • They provided supplies and even guides, but they would not take up arms against the British.
    • The funds have provided a supply of sturdy refuse bags to collect the debris, as well as litter pickers for everyone taking part.
    • He added that future non-vocational programmes could be provided if money became available.
    • What childcare is available is provided informally by relatives who are prepared to assist for a few hours a day.
    • Members of the Ladies Club provided a wonderful service throughout the day with refreshments available at all times.
    • He expressed appreciation for the medical supplies provided by Japan to Taiwan during the SARS crisis.
    • Our aim was to raise awareness of the benefits and support available to those who provide unpaid care.
    • She dealt with generator problems, which provided her daily supply of fresh drinking water.
    • The object would not be to make money but to provide a supply of quality classic cars for them both to drive.
    • A top US theme park was also provided with additional power supply equipment.
    • Royal Engineers were also looking at renovating the existing water system and providing a more reliable supply.
    • It was turned into a pond in order to provide a ready supply of water should there be a fire nearby.
  • 2formal

    (treaty/contract/clause) estipular
    • That clause provides that a car must have lamps exhibiting a white light in front and a red light in the rear.
    • General Condition 32 provided that all disputes were to be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Texas.
    • It provides that it is unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with a Convention right.
    • The mortgage provides that the mortgagor shall pay all municipal taxes as they fall due.
    • This material plainly has to reach the expert and the clause provides that it should do so within a specific time limit.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    the Lord will provide Dios proveerá