Traducción de provocation en Español:


provocación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌprɒvəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌprɑvəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    provocación femenino
    he put up with a lot of provocation aguantó muchas provocaciones
    • she slapped me without any provocation me abofeteó sin ninguna provocación (de mi parte)
    • at the slightest provocation a la más mínima provocación
    • It gives rise to verbal provocations such as yelling and cursing, excessive honking of the horn, rude or obscene gestures and threats.
    • His provocations were always deliberately intended to challenge his readers as well as the establishment.
    • Well, I think that obviously he controls his security forces and they need to do more to try to make sure that the provocations don't take place.
    • At the time, he had imposed certain restrictions on himself and would not be induced to react, even once, to their provocations.
    • Burnley has become the third northern town to be hit by riots sparked by racist attacks and police provocations in the last month, following Oldham and Leeds.
    • As they wait for assistance to have the man taken into custody, they studiously ignored taunts and provocations and remained astonishingly polite throughout.
    • Now, under a variety of provocations, mutiny is brewing.
    • In 2003, the military, even under government control, staged a series of provocations that undermined the peace talks.
    • Since then despite many provocations and setbacks the cessation has endured.
    • Even where not deeply convincing, its shortcomings were provocations to think deeply.
    • That gave the police the pretext to use provocations and attack both protesters and local youth.
    • State forces were mobilized against this growing movement through open police provocations, frame-ups and murders.
    • In his radical past, Livingstone may have made a warning about the police using provocations staged by anarchists to step up repressive acts.
    • As in life, the provocations to feeling or to action do not occur in step with the conscious thoughts of the characters.
    • Every one of the major political parties is capable of mobilising gangs to create deliberate provocations in rival strongholds in order to disrupt voting.
    • The insurgents take advantage of darkness to conduct provocations during armistices or when negotiations are underway.
    • Whatever the reasons, whatever the provocations, this is where hatred gets us - innocent people murdered as they go about their ordinary business.
    • These provocations became the pretext for police attacks on peaceful demonstrators.
    • Particularly in the eighteenth century lexicons were infinitely lively, full of satire, poetry and provocations.
    • Certain people were responsible for stopping conflicts, and there were ways to deal with provocations and ways to make peace.