Traducción de provoke en Español:


provocar, v.

Pronunciación /prəˈvoʊk//prəˈvəʊk/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (person/animal) provocar
    she is easily provoked salta a la menor provocación / por cualquier cosa
    • to provoke sb into-ing
    • they provoked him into losing his temper lo provocaron y perdió los estribos
    • I was provoked into hitting him tanto me provocó, que le pegué
    • to provoke sb to action/retaliation incitar / empujar a algn a actuar/vengarse
    • He had deliberately provoked her, coaxed her into giving him the painful death he had coveted.
    • I couldn't see why anyone would wish to provoke me to the point of anger over not having a significant other.
    • And Stine just kept right on provoking him with taunts and derision.
    • It is therefore forbidden to provoke a person, thereby causing him to sin in anger, even though it is not certain that he will do so.
    • The same thing was continually provoking me: the manner in which men treated women.
    • She could get very dangerous when she was provoked and irritated, and the teenagers knew that.
    • The police car backed off for safety reasons and to avoid provoking the truck's driver, RCMP said in a news release.
    • So we don't want to do anything to provoke him or to incite the violence we're trying to prevent.
    • He could see tears in her eyes, and it made him angry that Jeff was provoking her.
    • Many blame him for provoking conservative voters and contributing to John Kerry's defeat in the presidential election.
    • The warning about conduct was meant to stop people deliberately provoking him.
    • I am easily provoked, and rather vicious when my toe is stepped on, but I'm quick to cool down and fast to reasoning.
    • Nathan was looking at her with a wild expression, the kind he got whenever she had deliberately provoked him.
    • Sometimes applicants are deliberately provoked to see how they handle themselves.
    • No longer did she feel like his blue eyes were challenging or provoking her.
    • Immediately, he begins relentlessly provoking the guards, acting from both the need to generate a story he can sell and his own antagonism towards authority.
    • But he claimed he was provoked when the man threw an aerosol can at the group and then hit one of his friends with an 18 in rounders bat.
    • She provoked me, she taunted me, she said, I'm never going back to you, all those sorts of things.
    • Men of all ages simply kept their distance, though sometimes every now and then one would come and try to anger and provoke her.
    • She tried not show that Linda's slap had provoked her, as she fought an urge to rub her sore cheek.
  • 2

    (criticism/argument/revolt) provocar
    (discussion/debate) motivar
    (curiosity/interest) despertar
    to provoke thought hacer pensar / reflexionar
    • his best jokes could not provoke a smile from her ni con el mejor de sus chistes logró arrancarle una sonrisa
    • Deconstructionism is one of the words that provokes a strong reaction from both sides.
    • After all, a strong leader provokes a strong reaction.
    • They wanted to see if they could provoke a strong reaction from me.
    • It's unfair to suggest that he deliberately provokes dressing room conflict, but he's not the ideal chap to apply soothing balm when it breaks out.
    • The variability of the margin of appreciation has sometimes provoked strong reactions from judges frustrated by its imprecision.
    • Genetic manipulation of food products provokes strong emotions whenever it is discussed.
    • Pipes' presence on campus is provoking strong feelings among students and faculty on both sides of the issue.
    • The resignation that followed and the outrage provoked by the decision prompted an irrevocable split within the committee.
    • Further, eyewitnesses suggest that the police are deliberately provoking violence.
    • Their request to do so was rejected, a rejection which provoked a strong reaction.
    • Having provoked a strong reaction from most students at the college, a number of the posters have been taken down.
    • The implementation of very strong environmental protection legislation in the USA provoked a strong backlash.
    • The exhibit by internationally-renowned artist Jannis Kounellis has succeeded in provoking strong reactions
    • It is also counterproductive. Exerting pressure arouses mistrust and provokes fresh attacks from the Church's critics.
    • In his debut novel he sets out to provoke strong reactions and, given his subject matter, doubtless he will succeed.
    • The Sri Lankan army, which has inflicted widespread damage and constantly harasses local residents, recently killed several local youth, provoking angry protests.
    • From a design point of view, something about their absolutely neutral formal character provokes strong reactions.
    • Cromwell's name resonates down the centuries and provokes strong reactions to this day.
    • In fact the commission's analysis of the state of British convergence with the eurozone was very mild, extremely careful and deliberately designed to avoid provoking a bust-up.
    • It is in the film to horrify and provoke an emotional reaction.