Traducción de pseudonymous en Español:


escrito bajo (p)seudónimo, adj.

Pronunciación /suˈdɑnəməs//sjuːˈdɒnɪməs/


  • 1

    (book/report) escrito bajo (p)seudónimo
    (author) que escribe bajo un (p)seudónimo
    • The pseudonymous author of Fear and Trembling - Johannes de silentio - disclaims any pretensions to be a philosopher, at least in the fashionable Hegelian sense.
    • Would a true believer really have faked a vision of Christ, as did the pseudonymous author of Revelation, or a letter of Peter or Paul?
    • The only writer identified in the book by full name is the author; the other 18 are probably pseudonymous accompanied by a rough bios mostly outlining their personalities.
    • Another myth is dynamited in The Spectator in which a pseudonymous publisher reveals the truth behind bookshop ‘recommendations’.
    • In the Chronicle of Higher Education, a pseudonymous assistant professor writes about the burdens of being a conservative student and then tenure-track professor.