Traducción de psychic en Español:


para(p)sicológico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsaɪkɪk//ˈsʌɪkɪk/


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    you must be psychic! ¡eres adivino!
    • Clairvoyance is an alleged psychic ability to see things beyond the range of the power of vision.
    • He's psychic, reading people's minds and believing he's communicating with the dead.
    • Scientists are rarely trained as magicians and have often been conned by demonstrators of psychic phenomena.
    • A number of your films contain the theme or subject of psychic phenomena as well as witchcraft and magic or what you might term occult subjects.
    • Apparently not even psychic powers help rivalrous siblings connect with each other in adulthood.
    • David has recently written a book on psychic phenomena from the standpoint of suspicious skeptic of the supernatural.
    • Religious reasoning explains in part why this author postulates we should not induce nor develop psychic phenomena.
    • When a person has a traumatic experience it produces traumatic psychic energy.
    • Parapsychology has distinguished itself by objective study of psychic phenomena.
    • The study of psychic phenomena dictated the need to define the concept of the information-energy field.
    • If it's an experiment, you might want to start by inviting people to read your mind - or whatever - and establish a success rate among a few individuals who appear to be psychic enough to get in.
    • I mean, she must be psychic, right? How can she know this about me? How could she know about that girl/guy that broke my heart if she's not psychic?
    • He also reported cases that suggest that experiences interpreted as ESP or other types of psychic phenomena can have the same effects.
    • There are many ideas and traditions about psychic phenomena that have been regarded as superstitions.
    • Peter left the session disappointed with my unwillingness to believe in the psychic explanations for phenomena that he experiences.
    • From there, several different people entered and exited the room, all claiming to be psychic and telepathic and telekinetic amongst other things.
    • I had numerous talks with my father about psychic phenomena, the nature of the Divine, and other philosophical subjects.
    • She was going to rely on the psychic link that they appeared to have at times; the one they were discussing earlier when Colt had kissed her for the first time.
    • Despite the amazing array of physical and psychic phenomenon Julia struggled to acknowledge that it was a reality, as she comments.
    • Precognition falls under the category of psychic phenomena, which is a subset of the paranormal.
    • The police have much to learn about the relative value of psychic phenomena in criminal investigations.
    • After this experience Dannion became quite psychic, which was witnessed by others.
    • I have only recently begun to explore my psychic side, but have been strong in the areas of psychic dreams and clairvoyance.
    • Any other form of remote viewing can best be termed, he says, as a psychic experience or clairvoyance.
    • Even from a young age, I have always believed in the possibility of the paranormal, and of psychic powers.
    • There are thousands of people every day thinking they must be psychic. But, did you know that being psychic is more than giving a reading?
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    psychic disorder trastorno (p)síquico masculino
    • Long, long ago these deities had consumed their worshippers unto extinction for the psychic sustenance their dying souls provided.
    • In the West, the target of cruelty centuries ago shifted from the body to the soul, to psychic pain - but the morality behind the practice remains.
    • Fear, anger, psychic pain, and sadness are some of the emotional issues we probably stuffed down as kids.
    • According to the old syllabus for our sentimental education, psychic pain is part of the material that must be mastered for human growth to take place.
    • On the other hand, for all the psychic pain he pours into his songs, Johnston is a generous spirit.


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