Traducción de public servant en Español:

public servant

funcionario (del Estado), n.


  • 1

    funcionario (del Estado) masculino
    funcionaria (del Estado) femenino
    • Pay cheques for teachers, public servants and police officers are up to six weeks in arrears.
    • Why weren't the public servants either prosecuted for failing in their duty or at least reprimanded?
    • But these were simple questions about how public servants use their office cost allowances.
    • Nick is a dedicated public servant who executes his political masters' designs with vigor and enthusiasm.
    • All this changed gradually and public servants metamorphosed into government servants.
    • He thinks he is a good public servant and he is contributing mightily.
    • I mean, do you feel like you are destined to run for office or be a public servant?
    • Yet, the sad fact is teachers have been among the lowest paid of public servants for many years.
    • It also seeks to improve the accountability of the public servants to spend and deliver the services.
    • It is manifestly not what public servants and military careerists are used to.
    • Secondly, linking public servants and politicians in the above manner is simply a category error.
    • This is not to say that all public servants and politicians are unethical.
    • Now I'm a professional public servant, they are ministerial advisers.
    • Politicians and other public servants of the taxpayer have a poor reputation when it comes to getting things done on time.
    • For example, are public servants entitled to disobey instructions they believe are illegal?
    • Now, Australia's most senior naval commanders and public servants are being grilled.
    • Labor became the natural choice for public servants, school teachers and social workers.
    • We would thus not have judges overruling the decisions of faceless public servants.
    • Teachers and health workers in Tonga are supporting the public servants.
    • No sign until late in the day of any of the respect politicians should have for public servants.