Traducción de publicist en Español:


publicista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpəbləsəst//ˈpʌblɪsɪst/


  • 1

    publicista masculino
    • She was impressed by the amount of people who greeted her publicist.
    • Ordinary people who find themselves suddenly elevated to the heroic pantheon too often take with them their publicist and literary agent.
    • Some might say that these tales of celebrity heroism might be the product of hyper-imaginative publicists.
    • Stephanie is part of a team of publicists, producers, coaches and managers who look after Tabby's frantic schedule, choreograph his songs and generally keep him on the path to fame.
    • It appears more organised because of the publicists and managers involved, but it all sort of tumbled into place in a couple of weeks.
    • And then publicists and agents and managers talk.
    • I either have lunch on set or with an agent, a publicist or a manager.
    • But the simple reality is that the evil horde was repelled and the loyalty of the unnamed publicist to the unnamed producer of the unnamed co-production has been maintained.
    • After endless letters and phone calls to the teams of publicists and agents who surround A-list celebrities, she finally managed to get each person to herself.
    • All the models are there, all the hair and makeup backstage, all the publicists, all the producers.
    • He's also, to varying extents, the producer, publicist, talent scout, music director, photographer, and costume designer.
    • His publicists have produced a film showing the veteran politician without the turban, sitting for a haircut, and watching football.
    • I spent the next two days on the phone with my publicist and the producer, meticulously going over each joke I planned to use.
    • Hall's real problem is publicists who try to control how pictures are used.
    • If it's possible to say, the bang doesn't have a producer, agent or publicist.
    • He thanked producers, publicists and everyone associated with the original film.
    • She probably has her own business manager, her publicist, an agent.
    • I didn't have an agent or a publicist or even a manager.
    • The world of press agents, publicists and leaking stories to the press was alien to her.
    • Often, self-published authors must wear many hats - designer, accountant, sales rep, publicist and travel agent.