Traducción de puff pastry en Español:

puff pastry

hojaldre, n.


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    hojaldre masculino
    • The only real overlap is in some of the base recipes like pastry cream and puff pastry.
    • Pierce bottom of puff pastry with a fork and place another 4-inch tart mold over dough to prevent rising.
    • Dust both sides of puff pastry with powdered sugar, reserving excess powdered sugar.
    • But this wasn't available that evening, so I went for the golden puff pastry, topped with pastry cream, caramelised nuts and served with vanilla bean ice cream.
    • Indeed, I think the waiter mis-heard my order and served up the baby vegetable pot pie instead, which, for £11, was packed full of vegetables and topped with puff pastry.
    • Here in France during the winter, the windows of pastry shops are lined with all sizes of Galettes de Rois, disks of caramelized puff pastry filled with almond paste.
    • 350g puff pastry, or 375g sheet ready-rolled pastry, thawed if frozen
    • Luscious cream in puff pastry startles with the addition of salt-laced vanilla ice cream.
    • In its richness, it could stand as an emblem for the whole Oslo Court kitchen: white crab meat and mushrooms, in a rich cream-based sauce, wrapped in a purse of puff pastry with a sweet brandy sauce on the side.
    • Cover each tart with a puff pastry circle and bake until the puff pastry is golden and crisp, about ten minutes.
    • On lightly floured surface, roll out puff pastry into a circle at least 2 inches larger than casserole.
    • I don't know how he made it, but it tasted like crispy puff pastry made with ground nuts instead of flour.
    • The combined effect of the rolling and turning and the rise produced by the yeast is to give a pastry as light as normal puff pastry, but with a softer, richer texture and a more interesting flavour.
    • It seems that lots of folks want to cut the rind off before serving, or dress it up with honey and puff pastry.
    • The puff pastry slowly absorbs the sauce, and is a delight to eat at the end.
    • Anyway, to cut a long rant short, ‘cover with clingfilm and chill’ is why I refuse to make my own puff pastry.
    • I'd do difficult things like puff pastry or meringues.
    • Using a lattice dough roller, cut one sheet puff pastry into three 2-inch circles.
    • In addition to the tiny spring rolls, foie gras, and cheesy puff pastry, there's also smoked salmon with sprigs of dill on thin slices of what I believe to be pain de campagne.
    • Resting atop the salad were two crescents of puff pastry filled with potatoes and cheese.