Traducción de puffed en Español:


abombado, adj.

Pronunciación /pəft//pʌfd/


  • 1

    (sleeve) abombado
    (sleeve) abullonado
    • I am also wearing a pale pink blouse with puffed short sleeves, and a hot pink singlet, and mismatching earrings, one a mid-pink heart shape, and one a pale pink circle with a hole in the middle.
    • Anne of Green Gables felt more confident when she got her dress with puffed sleeves.
    • She wore a flowing pale yellow skirt with ruffles and a silken blouse with puffed sleeves.
    • Women wore a huipil with short, puffed sleeves, a tightly wrapped skirt called a refajo, and a large, bright cotton cloth on the head.
    • It seems logical that the incredible headdresses, the folded, puffed and knotted clothes, are all designed to make the wearer look bigger, taller and more impressive.
    • She pulled out faded articles of clothing at first, but then she came to a long, purple, sparkling dress with puffed sleeves, a low, scooping neckline, and a wide, full skirt.
    • Pigtails, puffed sleeves in check cotton, bare midriff and a skirt that definitely wouldn't need tucking up in the milking shed.
    • It can be hard to find that perfect Elvis-style shirt - something in pink and black with a tall collar, say, or a velvet number with puffed sleeves.
    • Locating them instantly, she threw on a pair of worn jeans, a red long-sleeved shirt, and a black puffed vest.
    • Their gowns were fine velvet and silk, with puffed shoulders and cascading trains.
    • It is garnished in silk and satin with puffed sleeves.
    • Cream colored, with puffed sleeves, a skirt decorated with ribbons filled out with many layers of petticoats underneath and an extremely tight bodice.
    • Summertime brings out the little girl in all of us: bubble-gum pink, flirty skirts, puffed sleeves.
    • The tunic with puffed sleeves isn't going to cut it.
    • The garters Willie had made me from leftover elastic used for her customer's puffed sleeves that had fit me snugly were suddenly too loose.
    • With puffed sleeves and white lace rims, she finished off her look.
    • Black hose revealed a well-turned leg, disappearing into puffed pumpkin hose, richly embroidered and paned in black on black.
    • The Eighties influence makes itself felt again in party wear, with slashed necklines, puffed sleeves, waists and skirts, halterneck tops and the accessory of accessories: the belt.
    • At other tables, several pasty-faced types in puffed-out shirts lazily gorged themselves on cruisers' cuisine.
    • This is a floor-length, brightly colored cloth dress with a square neckline and short, puffed sleeves.
  • 2also puffed out
    Britanico coloquial

    (out of breath)
    sin aliento coloquial
    • We started jogging and after the first one, he was puffed out.
    • He was wearing dark shorts and a dark singlet with old white runners when he approached the girl and he was puffed out after having run up to her.
    • After ten minutes or so, when the poor little puffed-out chap was having a breather, a smaller bird (most probably his wife, judging by the way she pecked him in the head six times) appeared and took over.