Traducción de puffy en Español:


hinchado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpʌfi//ˈpəfi/

adjetivopuffiest, puffier

  • 1

    • Looking at those puffy eyes and enlarged nostrils I decided not to fight back.
    • My arm muscles were cramped up and felt like they were made of lead, my eyes were swelling and my cheeks felt puffy and warm.
    • His once slender face, embedded in our hearts and minds from the extensive news coverage, was now puffy and swollen.
    • His left foot seemed a bit bigger, puffy and swollen.
    • Dan was a bloodied mess, his right eye already swelling shut, his lip puffy, split and bleeding.
    • My dark green eyes almost looked as if they were going to swell shut with how puffy and pink they'd become.
    • You have to poke them and watch their soft puffy bodies give away and bounce back, hypnotizing you into taking them home and daring you to eat them.
    • His eyes were red and swollen, his face puffy, and his nose running badly.
    • His right eye is swollen, puffy and seeping something murky.
    • My eyes were swollen, red and puffy from crying so hard.
    • It's weird, it almost feels puffy and swollen (but it doesn't look like it).
    • His blond hair was disheveled and puffy bags bulged from beneath his eyes.
    • Her eyes were puffy and swollen, signaling that she had just spent the last ten minutes crying her heart out.
    • I noticed that her hands and feet were puffy and swollen.
    • In some cases, it is retained in the body leading to a puffy appearance.
    • The skin becomes swollen and puffy, and pits on being pressed.
    • Her face was red and puffy and her body was shaking.
    • It's appropriate if the site is puffy, swells quickly, and looks rosy red.
    • Most bodybuilders refer to water in the pejorative, fingering it as the cause for water retention or a puffy and bloated appearance.
    • Jenny's eyes were red and swollen and her cheeks were puffy.