Traducción de punch line en Español:

punch line

remate, n.


  • 1

    (de un chiste) remate masculino
    I've forgotten the punch line se me ha olvidado cómo acaba el chiste
    • you've spoiled the punch line has estropeado el chiste
    • His jokes go for the most obvious punchlines, he panders to his guests and is number one in late night, which is probably as it should be.
    • Bixby's set-up and delivery of crucial punchlines would have surely earned him an Oscar nomination had the rest of the film been better than it was.
    • The concept is clearly some kind of cosmic joke; one of which I've been the punchline several times over the past few decade.
    • Ali, who flew into the international airport here earlier yesterday, briefly traded jokes and punchlines with President Hamid Karzai, ahead of a day touring aid projects in the city.
    • I kept thinking of the punchlines before they had finished the jokes.
    • ‘You want me to give you all my punchlines,’ he joked.
    • Jokes, punchlines and physical comedy roll off the pair naturally and with charm.
    • They have a house in Passaic, the kind of town which serves as a punchline in American jokes.
    • Latterly she was even behind her audiences, who could see the punchlines for her onstage jokes rolling up on her Teleprompter before Streisand could mouth them.
    • I spent hours folding the back pages just right so I could see the punchline to a joke that always poked fun at our society.
    • So I'll make a deal with you: I'll give you the punchline, and you can write your own joke.
    • If you know the novel, you'll know that this confrontation is the punchline of the story.
    • I expected ambient recordings of you giggling like a girl, telling jokes and forgetting the punchlines, looking for your car keys and so on.
    • They're walking punchlines to jokes that don't even provoke a chuckle.
    • This has the benefit of being a double-meaning punchline which adds flavor to both the story of a watch and the premise that you were jesting with them.
    • Benz is easy and confident on stage, an actor who knows how to tell a story and make it roll with a wink and a punchline at just the right spot.
    • However, if the punchline is spectacular, then the joke could be told by someone dead, and it would still work out alright.
    • You really have to be from here to get the final punchline.
    • He concluded by saying that he found a great deal of pleasure in knowing that somewhere out there was a man who could tell the exact same story but didn't have the punchline.
    • Part of the reason why this series works so well is that it is based in character and craft, not the instant joke or the jerky punchline.