Traducción de punctuation en Español:


puntuación, n.

Pronunciación /pʌŋ(k)tʃʊˈeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌpəŋ(k)(t)ʃəˈweɪʃ(ə)n/


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    puntuación femenino
    • I've never liked putting closing punctuation inside quotation marks.
    • It was obviously a well thought out text, it even had punctuation - well a full stop.
    • Winter might last only one day - a minor punctuation in a long sentence of heat.
    • He stood straight up from his task on the deck of his boat, a mark of punctuation for his words.
    • Be careful about your use of punctuation, particularly exclamation points.
    • There are no back slashes nor punctuation to mark the end of the assignment.
    • The comma thing does make me aware how much I use punctuation in general and commas specifically for intonation in my writing.
    • In the realm of punctuation, a comma is used for a brief pause, a semicolon for a more moderate pause, and a period as a full stop.
    • Sadly these days, the problem is not really just one of bad punctuation but of bad writing in general.
    • I support and uphold the norms of standard written English in spelling, punctuation, word usage and grammar.
    • However, the reverse is not true: if a spoken text is written down, the position of many tone-group boundaries cannot be marked by punctuation.
    • Of course the rules of grammar and punctuation add to an understanding of the text, that can't be denied.
    • Team leaders randomly listen into calls to assess the emotions conveyed, accent, alertness, grammar and punctuation.
    • It reviews the parts of speech and teaches the parts of a sentence and punctuation.
    • The grammar and punctuation in these messages is appalling, and the spelling is what I've come to expect from the comprehensive system these days.
    • Now with the typed word and quick messages, that measure is simply the ability to use proper grammar and punctuation.
    • As a former teacher I can state that verbal literacy did not come from numerous lessons in grammar, punctuation, spelling and usage.
    • I will insist on writing in proper sentences and using proper punctuation.
    • Attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling and style is expected.
    • The writing collapses into incoherent ranting, lacking grammar or punctuation.