Traducción de pup tent en Español:

pup tent

tienda de campaña pequeña, n.


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    tienda de campaña pequeña
    • After living in a pup tent in the hedgerows of Normandy, warm water was an unimaginable luxury.
    • ‘We are not going to seize scout camps and little pup tents,’ Ms Rydalch said.
    • Unlike some one-person backpacking shelters, which resemble pup tents or coffins, the four-pound, 12-ounce Aurora is a real tent, with 28 square feet of floor space and two doors.
    • After all the glitz and sugar, on my way back to the hotel, it's a bit startling to see people inhabiting pup tents and instant bedrooms made from cardboard boxes on the sidewalks.
    • A pup tent not more than 20 yards from the macadam was pitched by the river.
    • Do we honestly think people can live on Mars for a year in a leaky pup tent held together with bungee cords?
    • That made six occupants in the pup tent, a shelter that seemed flimsier and flimsier as the winds reached gale velocities.
    • Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego - Recruit Molly, the first female Marine to be trained here, poops out in her pup tent.
    • They will not be able to get a pup tent to put up somewhere.
    • The guys that I see driving Hummers wouldn't know how to put up a pup tent.
    • ‘You were in a pup tent,’ Frances said, picking old polish from her nails in large flakes.
    • He was sitting on steps of those little canvas trailers that they had on the sets, the little makeup pup tents or whatever they are.
    • She threw the frankfurter to Cola and stepped toward the stream behind the pup tents.
    • Builders have responded by piling their boats with TVs, VCRs, microwaves, refrigerators and A / C. Just like camping, we don't use pup tents anymore,’ says Tom Sutherland of Westerbeke Corporation.
    • We dig in immediately, hacking a shallow shelf in the steep slope, hastily surrounding it with blocks of snow and throwing up our laughable A-frame pup tent.
    • Packed in a Ford station wagon stuffed to the gills with food coolers, mummy sleeping bags, and Boy Scout pup tents, our family of seven crossed America, west to east, summer after summer.
    • More parquet floors turn up as backgrounds for tangled wires and strange little pup tents that seem to be made of AstroTurf.
    • Everyone sleeps in pup tents and discusses their financial security.
    • We'll be peering over the barricades at the beautiful people who are swilling Martinis right on the spot where we used to put up our pup tents and park our caravans.
    • In the first floor hallway stood a camouflage-colored pup tent owned by a biker named Fudge, an ex-marine in charge of screening new tenants and collecting money for the food kitty.