Traducción de puppet en Español:


marioneta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpəpət//ˈpʌpɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(marionette)

      marioneta femenino
      títere masculino
      before noun puppet show espectáculo de marionetas / de títeres masculino
      • The string puppets of Tamil Nadu are the largest and the heaviest when compared to the string puppets of the other State.
      • Little Stevie plays with his strings and paper puppets he made himself.
      • There is effective use of puppets and perspective with the library stairs, and some clever lighting effects and physical comedy.
      • From shadow puppets to puppets on a string, the emphasis this year is on visual theatre.
      • The puppeteer sits in back of a white screen and moves the puppets to act out stories.
      • We believe in the puppet as a completely separate entity from the puppeteer.
      • Youngsters can read and listen to stories with their parents and then act them out using puppets and soft toys.
      • Names are written on masking tape which is placed inside the puppets for easy identification.
      • Well-crafted in every aspect, the tale of Pinocchio is told using puppets and live actors, in mask or out.
      • If you have puppets or stuffed animals, make a little play and use very, very silly voices.
      • The film doesn't attempt to pretend that these aren't puppets, their strings are integral to who they are and are a key part of the story.
      • Bunraku puppets are not manipulated by strings from above a small stage window.
      • Stick a washed lolly stick to the back of the card and use it to move the puppet around.
      • The critics at Bombay Dreams all mentioned the fountain scene, for The Lion King it was the amazing effects and animal puppets.
      • The result is that one puppeteer can control multiple puppets in multiple mediums.
      • In fact, puppets and strings play no part in the show, which instead uses lights to help project the duo's efforts on to a large screen.
      • In Admiralty Square three puppets in a puppet theatre come to life: Petrushka, the Ballerina, and the Moor.
      • His innovative use of string puppets and model special effects made the series a huge hit.
      • In some cases, large animal puppets are completely made of celluloid because of its greater stiffness.
      • He stuck five of them inside the puppet's head to operate it by hand.

    • 1.2(for hand)

      títere masculino

  • 2

    títere masculino
    (before noun) títere
    • He refused to sell his soul to the powers, he refused to be used as a puppet by those who control boxing.
    • Why did fate like to toy with their puppet strings so often, taking joy to their misery?
    • In this role, they often seemed like puppets on the strings of price.
    • They yanked on her chains forcing her to bend and twist at their will like a puppet on strings.
    • He also wrote an autobiographical novel in the cruel and sentimental manner: characters as puppets on a string.
    • Again, the elastic smile. She felt like a puppet whose mouth strings were being pulled.
    • He was like a puppet without strings now, just sitting there, staring out the window.
    • She was remembering how he had played her like a rag puppet being controlled by strings.
    • Stars exploded in his vision and he collapsed like a puppet with the strings cut.
    • He could see the malevolent grin upon her lips as she snarled up at the man that was a puppet upon her strings.
    • In the end, we all have to ask, are we simply puppets whose strings are being pulled by unseen forces?
    • What people don't realise is that she is not just a puppet on a string.
    • Nicholas is just a pawn, a puppet for Wilson and that is just a temporary situation until Wilson is ready to strike.
    • One by one, each of the guards fell to their knees and then down on their faces like puppets with their strings cut.
    • It is about leading one's own life. It is about not being the puppet or the slave of the choices and desires of others.
    • Heads would bob and shoulders would shake like puppets on strings under Goldfrapp's control.
    • They pose like Barbie dolls (sometimes literally) or puppets with strings broken.