Traducción de purdah en Español:


reclusión, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpəːdə//ˈpərdə/


  • 1

    reclusión femenino
    to go into purdah recluirse
    • During purdah they deliberately avoided issues that may breach purdah.
    • Where social life outside of the compound may be limiting for women due to the institution of purdah, within the household, the movements of women are not constrained.
    • He proposed abandonment of purdah and more freedom to women among the Maharashtra Sunni Muslim community.
    • The idea that if one gives up a customary religious practice such as purdah, that one is ceasing to be a Muslim altogether is an egregious misrepresentation of what it takes to be a Muslim.
    • Its famous Palace of the Winds is actually just a wafer-thin facade designed to enable the court's women to observe processions in style, without compromising their purdah.
    • For example, women do not practice purdah, or seclusion.
    • We hold separate gatherings in our home and observe purdah as much as possible so it isn't that we're looking for any way possible to go against the commandments of Allah.
    • On the contrary, teenage girls today are observing purdah.
    • Traditionally, the custom of purdah (seclusion of women) was not followed.
    • Outlawing of polygamy and purdah within Islam and a call for the emancipation of Mulsim women also find place in that period.
    • Their wives wear burqas and observe strict purdah.
    • For a woman, a death in the home - with purdah, which literally means curtain - is a death of honor.
    • He tried to liberate women from the practices of purdah (wearing a veil) as well as preaching strongly against the practice of sati (Hindu wife burning on her husbands funeral pyre).
    • The woman in hijab - call it purdah, scarf, mafta, or whatever - doesn't throw herself as a poster for the oppressed womanhood.
    • Religious fanatics in the provincial congress compete to introduce measures to restrict women: one MP is trying to make purdah compulsory; another has targeted sport for women and schoolgirls.
    • The idea of purdah was acquired from Persian and Byzantine societies, which secluded women out of deference and honor, not in order to humiliate them.
    • More than purdah impacting a Muslim woman's mobility, it is the attitude of the men that puts shackles on their mobility - for education or work.
    • The degree and kind (the actual veiling or seclusion) of purdah observed by women has varied across time and place and from family to family and is also related to class status.
    • He deprecated the practice of purdah and sati, encouraged inter-caste alliances and remarriage of widows.
    • The Hurriyat recommends limited rights for women including the imposition of gender discrimination, purdah, segregation etc. as prescribed by the sharia.