Traducción de purloin en Español:


hurtar, v.

Pronunciación /pəːˈlɔɪn//pərˈlɔɪn/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    hurtar formal
    sustraer formal
    • And she was at Balmoral, the queen's Scottish estate and purloined a few letters from Prince Charles' briefcase, sent them down to me via an intermediary.
    • Why should a fledgling charismatic church leader be able to purloin another church's title?
    • Hollywood executives must assume that no one in that great country of theirs can read subtitles, so there's nothing wrong with purloining the imagination of others to present North American versions of Japanese ghost stories.
    • In return they are not held liable for the acts of their customers (e.g. transporting dangerous substances, purloined intellectual property, etc).
    • Bits of our constitution were actually purloined from the United States Constitution.
    • The character Alex McLeish has given to his side is best understood when you recall how first Rangers, and then Celtic, purloined two of his most promising players.
    • I must say that I never, myself, discerned in him any literary talent or literary learning, but I noted how quick on the uptake he was to purloin the ideas of other people, and then parrot them at short notice.
    • Were old trees being purloined, appropriated wrongfully, when they were sectioned by scientists?
    • Sometimes it's impossible to not purloin an excerpt from another person's blog.
    • Holroyd secretly purloins a ‘fistful’ of Collis's papers and drives off with them.
    • The film opens with Lloyd clutching a briefcase containing one of the diamonds, intent on preventing Max and Lola from purloining it.
    • The whole issue here is whether their colleagues on the Senate staff side were purloining Democratic staff memos to aid that planning.
    • He then graduated to purloining software of major corporations, including major electronic manufacturers.
    • I'm not saying people should go around purloining things, but the bottom line is, it isn't murder.
    • Keep in mind that trademarks don't trigger a siren every time someone purloins your idea.
    • Their images are purloined, confiscated, appropriated, stolen.
    • The powerful amulet of Samarkand, which is usually in the safekeeping of the government, is purloined by the wicked Lovelace, who, naturally, wants to use it for his own nefarious purposes.
    • Elsewhere we have to purloin a ladder to get a box down, so we can open it.
    • Robert Aickman, who wrote some of the finest supernatural fiction of the 20th century, purloined the word to describe the effect he strove for in his work.
    • It seemed that I had somehow purloined a shopping bag laden with firecrackers, blockbusters, cherry bombs, roman candles and sparklers from the Giftland shop at the nearby St. Louis Street Shopping Centre.