Traducción de purposeful en Español:


resuelto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpərpəsfəl//ˈpəːpəsfʊl//ˈpəːpəsf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person/stride) resuelto
    (person/stride) decidido
    (expression) de determinación
    (life) con sentido
    (life) con un norte
    • Remembering may be a spontaneous or purposeful activity.
    • The relentless sun beating down, our initially purposeful stride declines to a sporadic meander as we ascend the steps.
    • He takes the stage with a stride that's purposeful, elegant, even serene, befitting a Californian who seriously loves surfing, martial arts and fast cars.
    • They don't beg and harass the stream of crowds that pass them with purposeful strides, the way their counterparts do in San Francisco.
    • In smaller nursing homes, where low profit margins do not allow the employment of full multidisciplinary teams, patients are subjected to little purposeful activity.
    • Emotions like grief, fear and despair are purposeful and useful - if we know how to listen to them.
    • They walked in the blazing noonday sun with a new purposeful stride.
    • Crisp, purposeful but most importantly useful - almost a personal assistant, perhaps even a personal digital assistant.
    • What it does mean is that they cannot be given as much education and purposeful activity than if we had fewer prisoners.
    • But Kinamori was not fooled by his purposeful stride; rather she became tense with fear and suspicion.
    • Her father's face was a crimson colour with his hands held in fists at his sides, and her mother was walking purposeful strides towards her.
    • Learning carpentry, on the other hand, involves purposeful activity and experimentation, a kind of learning that is beyond verbalization.
    • We celebrate because through Jesus Christ we gain access to not just heaven, but to a purposeful and meaningful relationship with Almighty God.
    • Communities of practice develop as people engage in shared, purposeful, and patterned activities, which contribute learning.
    • His way is to embrace all the infinite pointless and impossible acts that surround every useful, purposeful decision.
    • Yet the committee gathered and spent two days in generally useful and purposeful discussions.
    • The 241-pupil school is commended for ‘buzzing with purposeful activities and pupils showing a genuine love of learning’.
    • This is determined by the central place the means and methods occupy in the structure of people's meaningful and purposeful activity.
    • Lani strode from the hall, purposeful steps and determined expression a warning to all the servants in the palace.
    • It keeps people busy with useful, purposeful work, and that's a good way to form a team.
    • Krys began walking in long, purposeful strides toward S & S. ‘Do you know?’
    • Instead of seeing the organizations as comprising buildings, offices, car parks, rule books, meetings and other forms of purposeful activity, we see these as symbol systems.
    • It was noticeable that when Phillips, still the pupil, came to that fence, it was surer, the stride more purposeful, the energy of youth omnipotent.
    • Taking slow, purposeful strides he took the seat next to Victoria on the bench and wrapped his arms around her; pulling her close to him so she could cry into his shoulder.
    • At the age of 35 he continues to cover the ground with a purposeful stride.
    • Are some lives, the question essentially goes, to be considered less valuable, less meaningful, less purposeful and hence less worthy of society's protection than others?
    • Board members found the centre's gym was modern and well-used, providing the main opportunity to get prisoners out of their cells and involved in purposeful activity such as first aid skills.
    • Men and women of various ages and shapes were taking purposeful strides, either walking, jogging, or running.
    • In a climate of political exhaustion, maybe it's time that arts institutions asserted the value of their work, and led policymakers back towards an acknowledgement of art as a purposeful activity in its own right?
    • His sprightly frame is totally erect with not a hint of a stoop and his quick stride and purposeful gait would put men half his age to shame.
    • He set off for the pasture with a purposeful stride.
    • Turning, he walked down the hall with long purposeful strides.
    • Bowen shares several perspectives about combat that are useful and purposeful to the student of warfare.
    • The purposeful stride of a child-protagonist is shown largely through a close-up of his feet.
    • Up close, she could tell that the two of them could not be much older than her or Alisha, and they both wore a determined and purposeful look.
    • ‘An important aspect of the prison regime is that of rehabilitation and encouraging prisoners in a positive and purposeful activity,’ a spokesman said.
    • Moments later, however, he was once again walking in that slow purposeful stride toward the woods.
    • Scientists have long been fascinated by ants because of the extraordinary way they organise themselves into colonies that display purposeful activity.
    • He has always found it easier to look purposeful by striding about on the world stage than by getting stuck into the messy business of domestic politics.
    • Kings Cross wasn't too bad; I got used to the dealers and hookers hassling me, and they seemed to recognise by my purposeful stride that I was a local and left me alone for the best part.