Traducción de purposive en Español:


intencional, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpəːpəsɪv//ˈpərpəsɪv/



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    • On the other hand, the muscles of our limbs are termed ‘voluntary,’ because we can use them to carry out the purposive determinations of the Will.
    • It was founded on a broad purposive interpretation giving effect to the intention of Parliament.
    • The abuse was thus deliberate and purposive, intended to make prisoners psychologically ready for interrogation.
    • I have again attempted to construe the statute in a purposive manner and with my understanding of the intent of the Act in mind.
    • The Area Committee rejected this submission as being contrary to any purposive interpretation and as contradicted by the clear wording of the regulation.
    • Each is defined by one of three aspects of purposive human activity, and this is its ‘horizonal schema’ or ‘pattern’.
    • This was a purposive sample that included people at various levels of commitment to the church and various lengths of time in attendance.
    • Belief in God, gods and spirits is what Monod calls animism: the projection into nature of the purposive properties of the human central nervous system.
    • Revelation is the sensitizing of persons to/to ward the divine activity with the invitation to participate in that purposive world.
    • They look for a collective life involving emotional, intellectual and physical inputs in some purposive activity.
    • Only if what we are trying to explain is the purposive activity of a rational agent is it appropriate to look for a personal explanation.
    • Lord Denning led the stampede for the door, arguing for a purposive approach.
    • It finally rained at night, quiet but intense rain, the sort where you look out and see sheets of water moving across vast tracts of Singapore like a purposive entity.
    • It appears that D will be convicted only where a purposive intent is proved.
    • In this microscopic view, experience is revealed as having a foundation of ceaseless activity, of short-lived purposive impulses.
    • Poisoning is no doubt a purposive activity, and reflections on its purpose may show that it has its internal principles.
    • An aeon of evolutionary pressure has selected for ordered and regular behaviour that leads to positive outcomes, and this can look like purposive behaviour.
    • This is an inclusive or purposive concept of community which in principle excludes no one, but which cannot be assigned to you.
    • The Americans pushed for peace, and Garang fell to the task with purposive will.
    • Nevertheless, it does illustrate a reluctance on the part of the courts to acquiesce in the loss of a right of appeal which would have been the result of a stricter, less purposive construction.