Traducción de purr en Español:


ronronear, v.

Pronunciación /pəː//pər/

verbo intransitivo

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    her Bentley purred up the drive su Bentley entró con apenas un susurro del motor
    • As the sky made its final graduations to ink black, a single car purred softly up the road, but no one inside the houses were out to notice.
    • They were not disappointed as the 25 vintage cars purred into town, making a grand tour of the area after the parade for the occasion.
    • The high priced vehicles that purred their way down the streets, the pollution free electrical engines carrying the people of this level around, were far more expensive than anyone on a lower level could afford.
    • Sighs of relief all round as the car sailed along, engine purring and gears enjoying a well-deserved rest.
    • He started the car, and drove off, into the horizon, his car engine purring like a happy kitten.
    • As the blue Mercedes purred down I - 91 towards Lone Woman Mountain, I put my past behind me where it belonged.
    • They buy a secondhand sub that sounds fine as it purrs its way out of Faslane, but a day out of port, the vessel is swept by a serious fire. The Canadians are far too polite to say as much, but they feel as though they've been had.
    • In the not-so-distant future, we could be seeing their delivery trucks purring along on cocodiesel.
    • The '69 midnight blue mustang purred to life and she roared down the street.
    • Gwen pulled to a stop in front of the Browning mansion, the Benz's engine purring softly under the shiny silver hood.
    • The car softly purred to a stop outside her house, and a man, sleekly and darkly dressed, got out and confidently walked straight into the house!
    • If you drove a formula one racing car to work and you stopped at the garage to put in high-octane fuel, your car would purr with delight and function to the best of its capabilities.
    • My convertible purred to a near halt, maintaining a turtle speed as I skimmed the sidewalks on the way to school.
    • The Salmond machine purred into town and blew away the cobwebs.
    • As more than sixty of the elegant vehicles pompously purred their way through the city.
    • Still, it won't the the only thing on that peninsula that's becoming a rich person's plaything, judging by the flash cars purring in and out of the yuppie village.
    • People rarely walked up this way to Tamberly Road and the large houses looming at the end of it, preferring to purr their way up in sleek black cars.
    • The car zoomed up behind Jack's BMW, its engine purring and the bright sun reflecting off its red chassis.
    • The roads are clear, and the Lexus purrs into life as we speed through the winter mist to stake-out the suspect.

verbo transitivo

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    decir en un arrullo


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    ronroneo masculino