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push poll


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    encuesta a base de preguntas tendeciosas concebida para influir en la opinión del encuestado a favor del candidato patrocinador de la misma
    • On the second day, several supporters called to say they had gotten a phone call from a push poll by our opponent.
    • For example, a push poll would ask centre-right and centre voters the following.
    • This is done intentionally to camouflage the true nature of the push poll.
    • And it's complicated and difficult to go track down who's making push polls or where these fliers come from.
    • This offers the illegitimate opportunity to change the results of any push poll that might exist in cyberspace.
    • From political push polls to postmodern churches we are trying very hard to make the world around us look like what we think it should be.
    • He has the results of a push poll which show Rodney statistically tied in Epsom.
    • Democrats will need some truly Shadowy groups, brand new 527s that spring up, launch ads and push polls in key states, and then fade away.
    • And when he looked at the poll closely, it was little more than a push poll.
    • We witnessed that tonight on the Holmes push poll, Mr Shirley.
    • The Friendt campaign quickly moved to take advantage, calling the survey a ‘negative push poll.’
    • Finally, I told the lady that this was a push poll and she asked how I knew about that.
    • These are definitely what I would call push poll questions.
    • Declare the state of California a ‘telemarketing free’ zone, ban push polls and other activities disguised as legitimate public opinion research.