Traducción de pushcart en Español:


carretilla (de mano), n.

Pronunciación /ˈpʊʃkɑːt//ˈpʊʃˌkɑrt/


  • 1

    carretilla (de mano) femenino
    • Cigarette venders have traded pushcarts for tobacco shops.
    • There are also a few actors and models and one hapless lady who has been assigned by the convention center folks to go up and down the aisles with a pushcart of snacks to sell.
    • As Indian food continues to seduce the mainstream, an innovative cook has taken his cuisine to the streets - in a pushcart.
    • From multinational corporations to pushcarts, there is a wide variety to choose from in terms of foodstuffs.
    • Whether the workplace is a cave, an open-air market, a desert caravan, a pushcart or a high-tech company, the principles are the same.
    • Though towards the end of the season, pushcarts carrying watermelon beckon customers in large numbers since it is a thirst quencher in the real sense of the term.
    • If you prefer a bit of outdoor eating, look around for ‘chaat walas’ with their pushcarts.
    • The pushcarts are stocked with the latest varieties from reputed brands, as branded companies have realised the benefits of going to the customers.
    • This council promised to get on top of street cleaning last year and nothing was done except to buy 18 pushcarts and a few brushes.
    • Though it is a remunerative venture, it requires a lot of initial efforts such as sufficient number of pushcarts and trolleys to collect and transport the waste and promoting public awareness programme.
    • But no mention of Food Street is complete without the cornwallahs and their pushcarts.
    • The strikers pitched stones through grocery store windows, tipped wagons and pushcarts, and scattered and destroyed vendor produce.
    • The streets are packed with people, motorcycles, pushcarts, busses and more people.
    • As a result, most families used pushcarts or adult wheelchairs for their children at the risk of harming the development of their children's bodies.
    • There must be room for the pushcart as well as the supermarket.
    • With the sunrise, the business begins and by the time, it settles in the far west, the ‘vada’ maker also winds up his business, leaving it to those who continue the same in the pushcarts.
    • Apart from rejuvenating our sales force, we intend to deploy tricycle pushcarts and vending machines in housing colonies and bus stands.
    • Ban pushcarts and animal carts from the main roads and ban hawkers from footpaths.
    • ‘The rescue workers found a pushcart used for serving food that has been burned black and in half, which indicates the seriousness of the fire,’ Xinhua said.