Traducción de putrefy en Español:


pudrirse, v.

Pronunciación /ˈpjutrəˌfaɪ//ˈpjuːtrɪfʌɪ/

verbo intransitivoputrefies, putrefying, putrefied

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    • However, during the hot Polish summers, the bodies started to putrefy.
    • Anything organic is going to putrefy or ferment very, very rapidly.
    • ‘It means that liquid has sat in your ears long enough to putrefy,’ I explained.
    • If these sugars cannot be broken down, they will sit in the large intestine and putrefy, leading to a bloated feeling and gas.
    • When an extremity has been invaded by bacteria and the blood supply is choked off, the limb begins to putrefy.
    • He believes that one important cause is ‘postnasal drip’ from the nose that accumulates and putrefies on the very back of the tongue.
    • And the minute that the magnificent, multifaceted Crenshaw arrives to putrefy all around him, the scene is set for classic comedy.
    • The taste was so putrefying that I felt as if I were about to double over.
    • Tilden postulated that improper diet led to stagnation of food in the colon, which then putrefied and formed toxins.
    • Ganges water does not putrefy, even after long periods of storage.
    • If there is too much protein in our body it putrefies due to the long process of digestion required.
    • His blood congealed, his heart putrefied and he knew he had to react sharply.
    • It radiated a smell of freshness in putrefying ether.
    • The putrefying smell carried through the broken compressed-air pipe to the trapped miners and, eventually, to the rescue workers.
    • It had that taste of something vile that had been slowly putrefying in the hot weather.
    • This protracted process resulted in a backlog of bodies that were often putrefying by the time they were cremated.
    • The body starts to putrefy within a minute or two of death, and bubbles of gas come up through the mouth.
    • As it putrefies and decays, your breath smells bad, your sweat smells bad, and your bowels smell bad.
    • The bodies were left as a warning, to putrefy dangling in public.
    • Raw meat putrefies because it is an ideal food for micro-organisms.