Traducción de pygmy en Español:


pigmeo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪɡmi//ˈpɪɡmi/

nombrePlural Pygmies, Plural pygmies

  • 1Pygmy

    pigmeo masculino
    pigmea femenino
    • The existence of the pygmies used to be mentioned in the history textbooks but is now almost nowhere to be found.
    • The original inhabitants were the Pygmies, but only a few thousand remain.
    • Modern pygmies have big brains because their small size is achieved in a different way, by a slowing of growth around puberty.
    • This vehicle appeared as if it were assembled by Pygmies with their feet.
    • Authorities found it difficult to obtain blood samples from local inhabitants, many of whom are Pygmies.
    • Thus, Pygmies exhibit the highest level of diversity in this small sample of sub-Saharan Africans.
    • The report in the Times names the Aka Pygmies, a hunter-gatherer tribe from the northern Congo, as the best fathers.
    • And ‘Periyar’ gave more than the literal meaning of an ‘old man’: a man of wisdom and rationalist thinking who dwarfed pigmies.
    • It took the film-makers two years to settle into a village of Pygmies and six months of warming up before they even began filming.
    • King knew the Akas' music, having loved it since 1975, when he set an ensemble piece, Zulu, to music of the Pygmies.
    • The other one, I remember very well, was a film of pygmies in Cameroon building a bridge across a jungle river.
    • Their physical features - short stature, dark skin, peppercorn hair and large buttocks - are characteristic of African Pygmies.
    • The earliest known inhabitants of South Africa were Pygmies and Khoisan.
    • In groups such as the Efe and Aka Pygmies of central Africa, allomothers actually hold children and carry them about.
    • But a country that is even closer to Indonesia is Australia and there are still pygmies in Australia too.
    • The fact is that both Pygmies and Khoisan were still hunter-gatherers without crops and livestock.
    • I'm thinking of groups such as the Pygmies and certain indigenous groups in Mexico.
    • ‘The scaling of brain to body isn't at all what we'd expect to find in Pygmies, and the shape is all wrong to be a microcephalic,’ Falk said.
    • And this was the PC version: originally they were a black-skinned African pygmy tribe.
  • 2

    (sb small)
    enano masculino
    enana femenino
    pigmeo masculino
    pigmea femenino
    (hippopotamus/deer) (before noun) enano
    an intellectual pygmy un enano mental
    • In case I should be thought a literary pygmy I should mention that I have actually studied literature to postgraduate level.
    • Small dinky lorries were lined up, their drivers like pygmies from another world than that of the steel ship.
    • Come to think of it, I haven't heard much about the pygmies lately.
    • At the last, Malraux had fallen among mere mortals, a giant carried on the shoulders of pygmies.
    • The fall of a Titan is always much more shocking than the stumble of a pygmy.
    • It could be the worst of all worlds - a hard-right party, led by pygmies and novices, holding the balance of power.
    • This comes as the climax to a positive blizzard of bans, both from Westminster and its pygmy parody at Holyrood.
    • Home rule has fallen into the hands of insecure, paranoid, self-protecting pygmies.
    • However, the Oompa-Loompas, a rare tribe of identical pygmies (all played by Deep Roy) who work for Wonka provoke mixed feelings.