Traducción de pyrrhic en Español:


pírrico, adj.


Pronunciación /ˈpɪrɪk//ˈpɪrɪk/


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    • But it could be a pyrrhic victory which does the West no good in the long term.
    • Nine times out of ten I lost, and made his a pyrrhic victory at best.
    • A more ‘equitable’, though ruined, Venezuela would be a pyrrhic victory indeed.
    • I don't know where the pain-killer story will lead, but the football story is probably a pyrrhic victory for the thought control police.
    • Let our political discourse focus on this, and perhaps, more pyrrhic victories can be avoided.
    • Unless that is done, any military success in Afghanistan will be a pyrrhic victory.
    • This is that ‘peace’ in that troubled province is of the most bitterly pyrrhic kind.
    • The Liberals bought a pyrrhic victory, one that will sow the seeds of its own destruction.
    • But, as 2002 revealed, it had been a pyrrhic victory.
    • I had him flogged, but it was a pyrrhic victory: the woman promptly ran off with the peasant, and the tour guide with my money.
    • To date he has won only pyrrhic victories on foundation hospitals and university top-up fees.
    • It would have been a pyrrhic victory had he succeeded: Satyanand revealed that the police file had disappeared.
    • In a pyrrhic victory, I watch the American half of my children merge - more gracefully than I - into Kiwis.
    • The victory was pyrrhic because the Indonesian Police started investigating the company for alleged corruption.
    • No doubt, Sunday's win could turn out to be a pyrrhic victory.
    • For the council, however, it is something of a pyrrhic victory.
    • The Khomeinists will do well, but will lack legitimacy, and it may be a pyrrhic victory for them.
    • The pyrrhic victory came as violence continues unabated in Gujarat.
    • Another pyrrhic victory is likely to be added to an already long list.
    • More troops would be sent, and eventually the British would grind their way to a pyrrhic victory.
    • Yet win he did, and that pyrrhic victory effectively condemned the party to the position it occupies today.