Traducción de qualitative en Español:


cualitativo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkwɒlɪtətɪv//ˈkwɑləˌteɪdɪv/


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    • The difference between God and man must be qualitative, not merely quantitative.
    • Four reports clearly described the use of qualitative research methods.
    • Yet this is in many ways a quantitative rather than a qualitative distinction.
    • Girls in the qualitative study reported more troubled and unstable families than boys.
    • One way forward is to use qualitative measures of protection, a proposal that has been made previously.
    • This conference marked a qualitative step forward compared with the first solidarity conference four years ago.
    • This study was the first qualitative inquiry to describe and explain this type of phenomenon.
    • This, I believe, is indicative of a qualitative shift in the debate on reform.
    • Such a sense is qualitative rather than quantitative, specific rather than general.
    • The tendency to demand purely qualitative descriptions of counterfactual situations has many sources.
    • The majority of studies rely on survey research alone and there appears to be little qualitative work.
    • In other words, there are qualitative differences in places; some are sacred, some are not.
    • Is there a qualitative difference in our relationship compared to that of the Germans and French?
    • Our systematic review provides an updated and elaborated qualitative analysis of available such trials.
    • The qualitative data collected illustrate the personal importance of these improvements to participants.
    • Samson's is one of the best demonstrations that I have seen in a while of the value of long term, qualitative, and local research.
    • In such a system there is no room for qualitative differences in people, their constitutions or the food products themselves.
    • It not only compares the amount of knowledge they have but also deals with qualitative aspects of their lexical knowledge.
    • The value of qualitative methods in researching patient attitudes is well recognised.
    • In essence, this student was required to defend the choice of a qualitative paradigm.