Traducción de quandary en Español:


dilema, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkwɑnd(ə)ri//ˈkwɒnd(ə)ri/

nombrePlural quandaries

  • 1

    dilema masculino
    I was in a quandary as to what to do estaba en un dilema
    • this decision left them in a quandary esta decisión les planteó un dilema
    • Such drastic tactics may be warranted, according to Horne, because the current situation is putting drug agencies in a quandary.
    • Jimmy Thomson was in a quandary last Wednesday night.
    • I was in a quandary: should I just buy this hoping it was lemongrass or should I ask the man inside if it was lemongrass first?
    • I'm what you'd call Old Labour and I'll be in a quandary at the next election: how can I vote for a party that doesn't really exist anymore?
    • The peasants are in a quandary: They want to kill the man, but no one is ready to take responsibility for the action.
    • Jones has found that we are currently in a quandary comparable to that of the Red Queen in Through the Looking Glass: we have to run faster and faster just to stay in the same place.
    • But it has left many life assurers in a quandary, wondering whether to continue backing IFAs or enter into multi-tied agreements.
    • And I think there was a real concern on the part of everyone - we were in a quandary, frankly, right from the very beginning.
    • Year after year, however, we'd always find ourselves in a quandary.
    • I too would be in a quandary as to how to vote were we to have a referendum soon - just like many of the French interviewed about their voting intentions in the past few days.
    • Necessary as these changes are, they leave us in a quandary.
    • However, he said the family was now in a quandary.
    • He was in a quandary, and a lifelong friend of his suggested that he phone me.
    • It is clear Equitable Life's decision to call a halt to new business has left many policy holders in a quandary.
    • The depths of this understanding - which I had not at all expected - put me in a quandary.
    • Even the secretary at the Leader of the Opposition office is in a quandary.
    • I find myself in a quandary of sorts and wonder if you have any advice or insights you may be able to offer a young-ish, aspiring writer of fiction for the screen.
    • Their descendants have been left in a quandary.
    • The issue of a present for Mother left me in a quandary, however.
    • In a quandary he contacted me to see if I could help find someone who could help.