Traducción de quarrel en Español:


pelea, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkwɔrəl//ˈkwɒr(ə)l//ˈkwɑrəl/


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    pelea femenino
    riña femenino
    to have a quarrel with sb pelearse con algn
    • I still remember a lover's quarrel last February when I'd walked desolately along Madison Avenue, only to come across a small crowd gathered around the store.
    • Serious diplomatic quarrels and armed conflicts have begun over less significant misunderstandings.
    • However, it was no playground quarrel between fellow pupils.
    • I have in mind the escalation of violent quarrels and feuds, particularly in a tribal culture.
    • Pam's recipe for a long and happy marriage is a lot of give and take, and always making up any arguments or quarrels before going to bed.
    • The office is not a place either for a lover's quarrel, which could be annoying and inappropriate to colleagues.
    • It is quite normal that conflicts of interests may sometimes lead to quarrels or even fights.
    • Tensions were also high between soldiers from Italian 1st Regiment and those from France, with arguments and quarrels among the soldiers leading to duels.
    • The Baildons were known for legal quarrels, fighting, intimidation and even murder.
    • You are entering a challenging time of quarrels and conflict that nevertheless will offer you the chance to put an end to a tricky situation once and for all.
    • Confrontation on Spruce St. is one example, in which a young couple is seen arguing - maybe over a parking spot, maybe having a lovers' quarrel, maybe even sharing a joke.
    • Best friends since secondary school, Jeff and Nick had their fair share of arguments and quarrels in their six years of friendship, but always managed to patch things up in a matter of time.
    • Customers often asked the kindly gentleman to help crack their problems, which could be anything from domestic quarrels to housing disputes.
    • All the misunderstandings and quarrels of the past had been sorted out.
    • It was not a particularly serious quarrel and the relationship between the two of you up to that point had been fairly good.
    • Actually, the same principle used to solve domestic quarrels can be applied to achieve world peace.
    • Gossip causes quarrel and tears apart relationships, families, even entire communities.
    • Their first meeting around Johnson's dinner table ended in a quarrel since Wollstonecraft disagreed with Godwin's sweeping atheism.
    • The injury he had done was not the result of sudden heat of blood or quarrel, but of a deliberate determination to commit violence, for the purpose of preventing others working for the wages they chose to work for.
    • Meanwhile courtiers had told Cosimo that his mathematician was engaging in disputes that might bring discredit on him, so he advised Galileo to write out his arguments and avoid public quarrels.
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    discrepancia femenino
    to have no quarrel with sb/sth no tener nada en contra de algn/algo

verbo intransitivoquarrelling, quarrelled, quarreled, quarreling

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    to quarrel with sb (about/over sth)
    • they were quarreling about whose turn it was se estaban peleando / estaban discutiendo sobre a quién le tocaba
    • he quarreled with his family over the inheritance riñó / se peleó con su familia por cuestiones de herencia
    • He doubts the ship's capacity to reach Europe, quarrels with his captain and asks to be left on the next island where there is water.
    • It was Salih who had read Founding Brothers and who reminded the American journalist that even the Founding Fathers had quarreled among themselves, argued, and nurtured grudges.
    • However, while the women bickered and quarreled, their herds escaped.
    • Of course, lovers never had it easy: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet paid with their lives only because their families quarrelled.
    • We've got differences of opinions but we've never quarrelled.
    • On various occasions during the trip Tim and Chris quarrelled, but Tim assured Trevor in the long run it made their friendship stronger.
    • She and Winston quarreled frequently about money during the lean years after Lord Randolph's death.
    • Police said the couple had quarrelled earlier in the evening.
    • While neither side disputed the facts with respect to integration, they quarrelled over differing interpretations of the consequences.
    • The two have quarreled through the media since then, each with differing opinions of the fight.
    • After the enemies were vanquished, however, the victors quarreled and their fundamental disagreements emerged.
    • At a Vanity Fair photo session, the rivalry between the women spilled into outright hostility when they quarrelled about who should stand where in a group shot.
    • We should not quarrel over external differences.
    • They accuse and defend, bicker and quarrel, and cannot seem to talk about their real feelings or listen to each other.
    • Now, husband and wife are quarrelling about more mundane matters.
    • Initially, the cultural differences between the two causes them to quarrel, but as they set farther into the desert, the film becomes one of mutual self-discovery.
    • There was, consequently, little communication to be had between the two of us, but I learned my fair share of slang and swear words, and I also learned to quarrel in a foreign language.
    • They bicker and quarrel, yet clearly love each other.
    • When her husband took drugs, he became a completely different person who would quarrel over trivia, and even simple things like not having orange juice in the refrigerator can lead to big fights.
    • Mr Babbage and Mr Clement had a big disagreement and quarrelled over money.
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    to quarrel with sth/sb discrepar de/con algn/de algo