Traducción de quarter en español:


cuarta parte, n.

Pronunciación: /ˈkwɔrdər//ˈk(w)ɔːtə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(fourth part)

      cuarta parte femenino
      cuarto masculino
      to divide sth into quarters dividir algo en cuatro partes
      • a quarter of a mile/century un cuarto de milla/siglo
      • a quarter of (a pound of) ham un cuarto de libra de jamón
      • an inch and a quarter una pulgada y cuarta
      • four and a / one quarter gallons cuatro galones y cuarto
      • I'll do it in a quarter of the time lo haré en una / la cuarta parte del tiempo
      • A staggering half of all secondary school children and a quarter of those at primary school say they have been bullied in the last year alone.
      • The flag has a large white cross, a symbol of salvation, that divides it into four quarters.
      • They have no choice but to turn in for work the week after half term knowing that a quarter of their class are still enjoying themselves on holiday somewhere around the world.
      • The simple drawing represents a stage divided into four quarters.
      • Traffic in the London Road area of Devizes has increased by more than a quarter in the last four and a half years, according to a survey carried out last week by residents.
      • The first quarter of the novel takes place in Cuba, as Yara and her family wait for the government to process their visas to the United States.
      • The iliac crest is divided into four quarters, and the excursion or stage of maturity is designated as the amount of progression.
      • Membrane proteins probably represent more than a quarter of all proteins encoded in genomes.
      • Over one quarter of the public school teachers in the United States will be retiring in the next decade.
      • A quarter of Australian universities have now increased fees, most by as much as they're allowed to.
      • The silver farthing was worth a quarter of a penny.
      • In the last five years the Post Office has lost a third of its Girobank transactions and a quarter of National Savings and telephone bill payments.
      • Trucks represent only a quarter of the vehicles passing through the toll plaza, but will contribute more than half of the toll revenue.
      • When it turned out to be actually Edgar Allan Poe's first book, it was auctioned at Sotheby's for a quarter of a million dollars.
      • A quarter of adults now hold college degrees, compared with just 11 percent in 1970.
      • The Commonwealth Bank owns four and a quarter percent of Woodside, that's $385 million worth of shares.
      • With a geometric layout, commonly segmented into four quarters, the garden would be enclosed by buildings or walls.
      • The idea of lush fertility is further emphasized by the density of the well-watered clover crop that fully occupies a quarter of the foreground.
      • It's a brilliant metallic green beetle, about one-half inch long and about a quarter of an inch wide, so it's pretty good-sized.
      • Just as it took a quarter of a century to create the universal special education system we now have, so will it take years to find ways to realize its full potential.

    • 1.2

      it's a quarter full queda un cuarto
      • I'm a quarter French tengo una cuarta parte de sangre francesa

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    • 2.1(US, Canadian coin)

      moneda de 25 centavos femenino
      • The experimenter displayed the coin, showing both sides, and informed them that the coin was a typical quarter (which it was).
      • Discover that buses don't take bills, that it's impossible to get change, and that four dollars in quarters weighs about half a tonne.
      • To do this, carefully pour a base of white paint in a corner, no bigger than the size of a quarter.
      • Play with only nickels, dimes, or quarters, no pennies.
      • Most likely you would receive a toonie, a loonie, a quarter and a nickel, for a total of four coins.
      • The orderly reached for his wallet and pulled out four quarters.
      • He dropped sixty-one cents (two quarters, a dime, and a penny) into the cup by the one-legged Vietnam vet.
      • Educators can creatively and imaginatively use these quarters in lessons on the geography and history of the United States.
      • Dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins are all worth more per pound than the nickel.
      • Suddenly, the nickels, dimes, pennies, and quarters started flying.
      • When John Updike began publishing short stories a milkshake cost 10 cents and a quarter kept a kid busy for a week.
      • Some artists rented theaters, charging people a quarter just to look at the paintings.
      • The symptoms are sunken, straw-colored spots about the size of a quarter to a silver dollar.
      • Learn when it's time to start teaching your kid the value of a dollar or even a quarter.
      • She's more fond of pennies and dimes than quarters.
      • She began digging through her cracked plastic coin purse, slapping quarters and dimes on the counter.
      • The gesso process comes first, and then the placement of the broken glass pieces, each about the size of a quarter.
      • He pulled a Canadian quarter out of the pocket of his black pants and tossed it from hand to hand.
      • Collect enough nickels and dimes and quarters and dollars, and you can make billions.
      • Forrest and I each dropped a Canadian quarter into the water, too.

    • 2.2(of moon)

      cuarto masculino
      in its first/last quarter en cuarto creciente/menguante
      • The external stimulus provides the impetus to move forth from the inspirational quarter of the lunar cycle into the action quarter.
      • About a week after new moon, the moon reaches first quarter and appears high in the southern sky at sunset.
      • In the second quarter the gravitational pull is less, but the moonlight is strong, creating strong leaf growth.

  • 3

    • 3.1(in telling time)

      cuarto masculino
      a quarter of an hour un cuarto de hora
      • an hour and a quarter una hora y cuarto
      • it's a quarter of / to one es la una menos cuarto
      • a quarter after / past one la una y cuarto
      • at (a) quarter after / past a las y cuarto
      • James Gledhill was born March 28, 1829 at quarter before three in the morning.
      • You'd tell them, ‘Okay, we are on the bus at six tomorrow morning’, but we wouldn't be able to leave until a quarter to seven.
      • On the 1st of April, it will rise at forty-three minutes past nine in the evening, and pass the meridian at a quarter past two in the morning.
      • As such, I expect most people to continue responding, ‘quarter after five,’ instead of ‘a quarter after five.’
      • The fishing vessel ‘Winsome’ reported his find to the Coastguard at quarter past twelve this afternoon.
      • He agreed and we spent the next quarter of an hour shelving all his books.
      • Ms Lopez spent a quarter of an hour with the candidate and reportedly emerged a confirmed Clark fan.
      • It's a quarter past ten AM, fifteen minutes after opening, when the two men rush through the door wearing ski masks.
      • Around quarter to ten, fifteen minutes before the ball began and I was to make my grand entrance, the servants finally allowed me a glance in the mirror.
      • A good time was had by all, though the show didn't get out until almost quarter to one in the morning.
      • He said: " I had spent a quarter of an hour speaking to the council about it.
      • At a quarter to nine on the morning of September 11, 2001, I was driving down the West Side Highway in Manhattan in a car filled with scholarly texts about Greek tragedy.

    • 3.2(three months)

      trimestre masculino
      to pay by the quarter pagar trimestralmente / por trimestres
      • Sky said it had added a net 81,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter of its financial year, to take its total to 7.4 million.
      • Directory assistance provider Conduit said it had made a profit after tax in its last quarter, three months ahead of expectations.
      • These showed that, over the previous four quarters, the Scottish economy had grown by just 0.3% compared with the four quarters.
      • Under the terms of the lease there is a rent-free period of three months in the second quarter of the lease.
      • It started to contribute to the profits of the Irish group in the fourth quarter of the last financial year.
      • Outsourcing now accounts for more than a third of the company's total revenue, just over a billion dollars in the latest quarter alone.
      • The world's largest media company, the parent of CNN is saying it earned almost a billion dollars in the first quarter.
      • IBM, the world's biggest computer company, benefited from strong sales and a weak dollar in its latest quarter.
      • The NABE outlook is usually conducted late in the first month or early in the second month of a calendar quarter.
      • Priest urged investors to keep in mind that the restatements will not have an adverse impact on earnings in the latest quarter or on future financial results.
      • IBM added to the downbeat sentiment by reporting a 13% drop in net income for the fourth quarter of its financial year.
      • Such a strategy for building a position in a stock over several months, quarters or even years tends to reduce the risk of acquiring a full position at a price that will later be seen as an all time high for the stock.
      • The company says it expects production to continue to rise in the third and fourth quarters of its current financial year as additional milling equipment comes online.
      • Consumer confidence sagged each month in the fourth quarter, as did auto sales.
      • It then restated its fourth quarter financial results in February, sparking a number of class action lawsuits.
      • Earnings for the comparable quarter before these transactions were 19 cents.
      • She sent the company a cheque for £96.99 as payment for the second quarter up to June, but Cleanaway denies receiving it.
      • Productivity grew at a fast pace in the first quarter of this year; the results for the second quarter due this month will be closely watched.
      • Exports are set to slide further in coming months because the second quarter is the ‘slow season’ for technology goods, he said.
      • Woolies reveals its sales figures later this month for the fourth quarter and the financial year and annual earnings on August 23.

  • 4

    • 4.1(district of town)

      barrio masculino
      • The city has a medieval quarter, great pubs, and an annual opera festival of international importance.
      • Swindon Council is still eyeing up the Wyvern Theatre car park for a flagship central library as well as a museum and art gallery to create a cultural quarter for the town.
      • The city's original good intention was to improve local living standards by pulling down the city's old quarters and setting up new ones.
      • The custom originated in the Spanish quarter of the city.
      • Fiona feels that being around the corner from the Brewery was also a bonus when they signed up for the studios as Highgate, Abbot Hall and Kirkland are often regarded as the cultural quarter of the town.
      • It was the first quarter of the city to be developed according to a systematic plan during the post-colonial period.
      • A new bridge will provide a pedestrian and cycle link from the old town museum quarter and city centre shops.
      • In 1742, when the Qianlong Emperor had been on the throne for six years, he gave orders for a new palace and garden to be built in the north-east quarter of the Forbidden City.
      • Built on the River Tagus, the medieval quarters of the city are characterised by small houses and narrow streets.
      • Two thousand metres of walls still surround the quarter, averaging four times the height of the new fence and, in some places, over three metres thick.
      • I close the shop up at lunch time - it's an old-fashioned way to do things, but the shop looks old fashioned, and sits in the old-fashioned quarter of the town.
      • It lasts 30 minutes and the young guides give an informative commentary during the tour of the city's most historic quarters.
      • We were standing on the roof of Mushtaq's school in Aminabad, the oldest quarter of the city and the heart of old Lucknow.
      • The splendor of Havana, rather than being confined to a small quarter of the city, extends for miles.
      • Old City, bounded by stone walls which once formed part of a fortress, is divided into four quarters, Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim.
      • Firefighters were searching for survivors trapped under debris in the old quarter of the town of Piera, near Barcelona.
      • Among its ambitions could be a campaign to establish a professional quarter in the city where similar firms would be encouraged to locate.
      • Explosions and light arms fire were heard in several city quarters.
      • Most localities, from walled cities to tiny hamlets, are still divided into traditional quarters or neighborhoods.
      • This park speaks of a great bygone age, and now that the north is fast becoming the frappuccino quarter of the city it may yet thrive again.

    • 4.2(area)

      parte femenino
      in all quarters of the earth/globe en todos los rincones de la tierra/del globo
      • from every quarter de todas partes / todos lados
      • as is believed in some quarters como se cree en ciertos ámbitos / círculos
      • at close quarters de cerca
      • he seemed much older at close quarters de cerca parecía mucho mayor

  • 5

    • 5.1(direction of wind)

      dirección femenino
      • It makes us think of things that happened when the sky was just so; when the wind blew from the same quarter and when the sun hit the side of the house just like now.
      • The weather was perfect, the course firm and the wind blowing from the quarter best suited to setting golfers the fiercest possible test on the inward nine holes.

    • 5.2(of ship)

      aleta femenino
      on the port/starboard quarter por la aleta de babor/estribor
      • Part of it has collapsed onto the lakebed, next to the starboard quarter.
      • A number of days elapsed, and then the return journey got under way, and the La Malouine was stationed on the port quarter of the now-called convoy QP14.
      • Heinkel bombers from Crete flew to the merchant anchorages at the mouth of the Gulf of Suez and dropped a single bomb on her starboard quarter, ripping a huge vertical gash in her side.
      • We beat the Navy on that in the sense that we saw cruise missile flashes from a guided missile cruiser off to our starboard quarter in the distance at night.
      • Hitting one of these submerged boxes, in a storm, steaming with the wind on your port quarter, would have been the equivalent of colliding with a supermarket delivery lorry.
      • True to his promise, the eagle rays are gently flapping and wheeling in the current off the starboard quarter, frustratingly staying just too far away to photograph.
      • He looked round and in the moonlight saw Mr Ventouris leaning over the starboard quarter and then disappear.

  • 6

    the servants' quarters las habitaciones de la servidumbre
    • winter quarters cuartel de invierno
    • married quarter viviendas para familias
  • 7literario

    no quarter was asked and none given fue una guerra sin cuartel
    • he showed / gave the defeated enemy no quarter no tuvo clemencia para con los vencidos

verbo transitivo

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    (carcass/body) descuartizar
    (apple) dividir en cuatro partes
    to be hung, drawn and quartered ser ahorcado, destripado y descuartizado
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    a quarter pound un cuarto de libra