Traducción de quarter-hour en Español:


cuarto de hora, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkwɔrdərˈaʊ(ə)r/


  • 1

    (fifteen minutes)
    cuarto de hora masculino
    it lasted scarcely a quarter-hour duró apenas un cuarto de hora
    • I used to put minutes, quarter-hours, half-hours into this game, like ever larger sums into a slot machine.
    • There was much fury from both sides in the last quarter of an hour, before Little settled the matter in 78 minutes.
    • On a bad day, he could struggle for more than a quarter of an hour.
    • When the sacred palanquin arrived, each boy would take his turn to perform before it, holding it up for a good quarter of an hour.
    • Workers also won a ‘service day’ for every three years and a quarter of an hour off some shifts.
    • Linen looks good for about a quarter of an hour, but can't be worn all day for business.
    • Formerly it was usual that one left the workplace a quarter of an hour before finishing time in order to shower and change.
    • Both Moore and Hay had half chances inside the first quarter of an hour but when the home side recovered from the goal they began to edge back into the game.
    • In a devastating four minute spell with a quarter of an hour to go, they threw the league race wide open.
    • They put the twenty in the rat-pit and the dog went in first and killed his, and he took a quarter of an hour and two minutes.
    • The young man had been waiting for well nigh a quarter of an hour while his father ignored him.
    • Geeks On Call charges $99 just to come out and say howdy, and then bills $100 an hour on a quarter-hour basis.
    • What I can not grasp is the concept of a bus arriving a quarter of an hour early and leaving well ahead of its scheduled time.
    • She had been there about a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes when she heard a cry or call, which appeared to come from within the house.
    • In the end he saw the doctor for 10 minutes and had tests which took a quarter of an hour.
    • The veteran striker powered home two trademark headers within two minutes in the final quarter of an hour to spare his side's blushes.
    • It seems to go on for about a quarter of an hour before stopping for a few minutes and then it starts all over again.
    • About a quarter of the lunar diameter was eclipsed, and re-emergence occurred about a quarter of an hour before sunrise.
    • But they proved, in that first quarter-hour on Thursday night, that they recognise the route map to the semis.
    • ‘He left me standing there holding the donkey for a quarter of an hour,’ said the poor girl.
  • 2

    on the quarter-hour
    • trains leave on the quarter-hour (before the hour) los trenes salen quince minutos antes de cada hora / (informal) salen a menos cuarto