Traducción de quartermaster en Español:


intendente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkwɔrdərˌmæstər//ˈkwɔːtəmɑːstə/


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    intendente masculino
    the quartermaster's stores la intendencia
    • The first of Margo's sources, and the more novel, is the ‘Reports of Persons and Articles Hired’ that were made by the quartermasters of military installations.
    • As a deployment builds up some quartermasters can find themselves short of kit and that could be the case here.
    • It was also widely practised on campaign, when a quartermaster would normally travel ahead of his unit to arrange accommodation with the (often less than enthusiastic) civic authorities.
    • A quartermaster for the First Battalion of the Light Infantry also told the committee that troops went into battle without grenade-launchers, night-vision goggles, desert boots, socks and uniforms.
    • Of equal, if less spectacular, importance, the Empire's quartermasters and military engineers were the finest in the world.
    • It later appeared that the quartermaster had ‘borrowed’ these when army supplies ran low after the Battle of Fredericksburg.
    • During the Civil War Gilmer held a variety of staff positions, including quartermaster and adjutant general of the Hilliard Alabama Legion.
    • Although these vessels were contracted through the Army quartermaster, a naval officer - Lt George M. Totten - designed them.
    • Innovation, an unofficial principle of logistics, was applied successfully by Bataan quartermasters.
    • Unknown to the Pastors however, the pills the quartermasters supplied them were vitamins and not the sedative drugs.
    • The commissary, a commissioned officer, handled food procurement and, like the quartermaster, on many questions answered directly to his superiors in the national capital rather than to the army commander.
    • Eight supporting staff - a contingent commander, adjutant, cook, quartermaster, and coach for each discipline - completed the team, and where possible these members also competed as shooters.
    • Posted with the Quartermaster Corps, he held a number of positions, including the quartermaster at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
    • Since Southern rails were scarcely equipped to carry even essential supplies, endowing the quartermaster with this authority often meant giving him plenipotentiary power over most railroad activities.
    • The quartermaster division has three sections: quartermaster; petroleum, oils, and lubricants; and subsistence.
    • He is the career quartermaster who watches the ribbons and medals pass him by.
    • The Tarlac Advance Depot quartermaster, supporting the North Luzon force, broke his supplies up into division-size lots before withdrawing in the hopes that retreating units could grab them on the run.
    • Our unit was made up of cooks, mechanics, and quartermasters with many of the same military occupational specialties found in traditional CSS units.
    • He was appointed quartermaster of a militia brigade and contributed his own money for the purpose.
    • If only the quartermaster had supplied us with ammunition instead of tracts no one could decipher.