Traducción de question en Español:


pregunta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkwɛstʃ(ə)n//ˈkwɛstʃ(ə)n/


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    pregunta femenino
    to ask / put a question hacer una pregunta
    • I asked you a question te hice una pregunta
    • ask no questions and I'll tell you no lies mejor no preguntes
    • a large reward will be paid, no questions asked se ofrece una cuantiosa recompensa, total discreción
    • can you do it today? — no chance — ask a silly question! ¿lo puedes hacer hoy? — ¡ni soñar! — ¡no sé para qué pregunto!
    • Staff from the council offices will take questions and information will be available about council services.
    • Perhaps the best way to put this is simply to say it exactly as the question is worded.
    • Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word.
    • She lets Chomsky answer these tough questions in his own words.
    • He now refuses to speak to Swedish journalists and he chooses his words carefully when answering questions.
    • Here is some background information that may help answer the questions.
    • Leaflets will be available giving up to date information and questions can be answered.
    • The major challenge for the project group was to reach all staff members with information and answer their questions.
    • A doctor or nurse went on each visit to answer any questions and give health information.
    • Ask questions to elicit answers that will show you if this is a person you want treating your growing teen.
    • Interested parents are invited to come along to the meeting this evening to ask questions and gather information.
    • I must however add a few words regarding how the question is to be approached and answered.
    • Curiously, you might not actually perceive this as a question designed to elicit information.
    • Certainly, a Minister cannot dodge a question by questioning the word of a member.
    • They want all information relevant to their question so they can formulate an answer.
    • It also implies that a computer can never be programmed to answer all mathematical questions.
    • Organisers of both courses will be there on the evening to provide information and answer questions.
    • I believe that only he would have the information to answer the questions that I would pose.
    • They refuse to answer questions adequately; they refuse to provide detailed information.
    • The chapter ends by providing common questions and answers about computer consulting.
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    (in quiz, exam)
    pregunta femenino
    the 64,000 dollar question la pregunta del millón
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    (issue, problem)
    cuestión femenino
    asunto masculino
    problema masculino
    this raises the question of finance esto plantea el problema / el asunto / la cuestión de la financiación
    • the Irish question el problema irlandés
    • if it's a question of money … si es cuestión de dinero …
    • that is not the question no se trata de eso
    • a question of fact/law una cuestión de hecho/derecho
    • But key questions remain unanswered following the case, about the legal protection available to those making claims of abuse.
    • This raises a number of questions which no doubt The Register's beloved readers will be pleased to weigh in on.
    • Morgan resolved an important question relating to the interpretation of Title VII, the central federal anti-discrimination statute.
    • To bring in these wider questions requires them to dissent from the government line.
    • The validity issue raises questions about whether we are measuring the appropriate things in the final examination.
    • The first of these, with Pico Iyer as moderator, discussed questions of national identity.
    • He asked for subsequent parish council meetings to discuss the question of lack of support from Bradford Council.
    • Still ahead here, is it a question of states' rights, or is it a violation of civil rights?
    • That is why the political questions we are discussing today are so significant.
    • This scenario no doubt raises questions as to whether it is morally right for a teacher to date a pupil.
    • There is no doubt the moral question of how to balance relative evils in this case is a very difficult one.
    • Our discussion will consider questions of rights, individual freedom, harm, and conceptions of the good life.
    • Meanwhile, key questions remain unanswered: How much pressure can Bangalore roads take?
    • In Question Time Mark Latham wanted to focus on the question of truth in government.
    • One of them was an article authored by Mahatma Gandhi, discussing the minority question.
    • Such questions of moral validity, he continues, are best left in the domain of religion.
    • The film-makers were asked to work on the question of conflict and resolution between communities.
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    duda femenino
    his integrity is beyond question su integridad está fuera de duda
    • he would beyond / without question have died no cabe la menor duda de que se hubiera muerto
    • it's an open question whether they'll get married no se sabe si se casarán o no
    • there is no question about / as to her talent no hay duda de que tiene talento
    • there's no question about it no cabe duda
    • there is no question but (that) a change of policy is due no cabe duda de que se necesita un cambio de política
    • the question remains: where …? sigue planteado el interrogante: ¿dónde …?
    • It was the seventh time Harrington had finished second that season and naturally his mind screamed with questions and doubts.
    • It also raises questions about the justification for this omissions liability, and whether citizens have fair warning of it.
    • It left Bradford coach Brian Noble fuming and many others raising questions about the validity of the player's actions.
    • Will his violation raise questions about the validity of his case for a spot in the Hall of Fame some day?
    • There are also some questions over the validity of the Lancet study in the case of measuring casualties in Iraq.
    • He was always certain that when he met the right woman there would be no lingering doubts or questions.
    • Yet this must surely raise questions over the validity of the prize itself.
    • It also raises questions about controls at the company's head office to enforce common standards across the group
    • I will return to the question of scientific validity at the end of my reply.
    • This would raise even more questions about the validity of the use of an MLAT, and the Home Office's involvement in it.
    • At that time we had a lot of questions as to the validity of that information.
    • If you have questions or doubts about the paint, have your local paint store check it for you.
    • No question of the validity of a law made by the Parliament arises in these proceedings.
    • However, the question of the validity of soft dollars was not a debatable matter until recently.
    • She was not prepared to give even the benefit of the doubt over the question of the mob's fighting prowess.
    • Two threads in the literature raise important questions about their validity.
    • For some the confidence of adolescence is replaced with questions and doubt, marking the transition to adulthood.
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    posibilidad femenino
    how can there be any question of my leaving? ¿cómo puede siquiera plantearse de que me vaya?

verbo transitivo

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    (person) hacerle preguntas a
    (examiner/policeman) interrogar
    his parents questioned him about where he had been all night sus padres le preguntaron dónde había estado toda la noche
    • Detectives carefully planned the interview and how they were going to question him.
    • The detention plans were put forward after senior police officers argued they needed extra time to question suspects.
    • Police arrested one man in connection with the crime and were questioning him yesterday.
    • Police were today questioning a man whose arrest led to a series of anti-terrorist raids last night.
    • They followed up the raid by staking out the area over the bank holiday weekend to question people visiting the house.
    • Police have started questioning the driver and passengers after a coach overturned on a mountain road.
    • Then they were stopping, searching and questioning people as they came through.
    • After questioning his wife, police said that he may have left for Pakistan earlier this month.
    • At the last minute, Hain was told that his interrogators were in fact planning to question him about something else.
    • Hammer was arrested on Sunday night after six people were questioned at a house near the crime scene.
    • A policewoman told a jury how she ran after a driver who sped off as she was questioning him.
    • He was taken to Lucan where he was questioned and then charged with drugs offences.
    • When he was questioned he told officers that he carried the screwdriver as a weapon because he was a paranoid man.
    • Police are also keen to question the soldiers at the nearby Fort George army barracks who were on duty on the night of the fatal shooting.
    • When he was questioned he admitted taking the purse and the prescription pad and finding the other items.
    • Although a number of people were questioned under caution, no-one was ever charged.
    • Officers in Finglas Station will question people who were at the scene to establish how the man was shot.
    • Police were yesterday questioning a man after a teenager was found stabbed to death in the street.
    • If a policeman questions a teenager, they must fill out a 40 question form.
    • He was questioned by police and released on bail pending further inquiries.
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    (integrity/motives) poner en duda
    • The final line of defence is to question the priorities of those who continue to raise Iraq, and dismiss the issue as a bore.
    • I constantly question his love, which has led to him doubting our relationship.
    • It is your right as a member to question these actions, and request such modifications as you see fit.
    • The interviewer was aghast that I could question the prime minister's integrity.
    • He was raised a Methodist but began to question his faith after seeing so many die in the Korean war.
    • But no one is seriously questioning its validity.
    • A series of public meetings have also been organised where people can question council officers about the plans.
    • If a battle did not succeed, its execution, not its objectives, were questioned.
    • It questions the bland aphorisms of beauty and raises the difficult issues of purity and exclusivity.
    • Now, it was not for me to question her purity, but I had certain doubts about her saintliness.
    • It has given some an excuse to question our cause and to cast doubt on our motives.
    • No matter what our build we always have doubts; we always question our desirability and self-worth.
    • If you question the cost; a local agency told us we should focus on the child and somehow raise the money.
    • At no time was an audience challenged to question a moral conundrum, or inspired to see the world through different eyes.
    • Nobody questions the wisdom behind the decision to set up the commission.
    • However, in light of recent data many have started to question whether it will raise rates again so soon.
    • Scientists are constantly questioning their assumptions and challenging their own findings.
    • Some critics question the authenticity of the tablets.
    • Mired in depression and doubt, he started to question his most fundamental beliefs.
    • Some people are even questioning its viability as a company.
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