Traducción de question time en Español:

question time

sesión de preguntas, n.


  • 1

    (after lecture etc)
    sesión de preguntas masculino
  • 2

    (in UK)
    sesión de control masculino España
    sesión en la Cámara de los Comunes destinada a que los parlamentarios interpelen a los ministros, incluido el primer ministro
    • One of the reasons we have ministerial question time is to ensure that there is no corruption in this country.
    • He became a redoubtable Commons performer, quite capable of inflicting bruises on the Prime Minister at question time.
    • The Prime Minister also defended the military campaign at question time.
    • If we cannot get answers to questions in the House, quite frankly what is the point of Parliament or question time?
    • But she was tossed out of parliament during her first question time on Tuesday.
    • In question time today the Minister acknowledged the issue, but did he pick up the challenge?
    • In September, Aucamp raised the matter in parliament with Mbeki during question time.
    • After question time I invite you, as you often do, to look at the Hansard record of what has just occurred.
    • I want to pick up on two things the Prime Minister said at question time today, as a start to this speech.
    • She was also critical of the Prime Minister's response when she questioned him over the issue at question time on Wednesday.
    • Parliamentary question time is not just for our benefit but for the benefit of the public, as well.
    • It's a big issue and I have brought it up many times, and had it raised in question time in the Dáil.
    • That is not appropriate behaviour during question time when questions are being asked.
    • It is an important issue, because question time in this Parliament is a very important time.
    • With respect, question time is when questions are asked, and one would expect them to be answered.
    • Control of the question time was passed on to his deputy, John Fuller, and the heated debate ensued.
    • The President's men wanted to control the entire question time and they got their way.
    • They might argue with each other at prime minister's question time.
    • The Prime Minister paid tribute to the York mother of four during his weekly question time for helping to make her street a better place.
    • These are the questions the Prime Minister would not answer in question time today.