Traducción de queue-jump en Español:


colarse, v.

Pronunciación /ˈkjuːdʒʌmp//ˈkjudʒəmp/

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    saltarse a cola
    brincarse a cola México

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (housing list/waiting list) saltarse
    • Duemler's lawyer will argue that, with a private hospital, such groups get to queue-jump those in the public system, creating a two-tier healthcare system.
    • Here, in barbed wire compounds named after luxury resorts, it is easier to confine a 15-year-old boy with memories of marsh birds and freedom on his mind if he is painted as a queue-jumping liar and inchoate terrorist.
    • I suggest a national horn-blowing day on Friday blasted against all those brass-necks who have the effrontery to queue-jump so blatantly and outrageously.
    • McBain also predicts that queue-jumping will be widespread in Alberta if the bill is passed.
    • Private clinics providing thinly veiled opportunities for queue-jumping have expanded.
    • The Prime Minister and his immigration minister accuse these people of queue-jumping.
    • The council also says that because the 20 homes rented by the Liberians are all in areas of low demand, they are not queue-jumping.
    • There's been a lot of talk in the press about asylum seekers queue-jumping.
    • Politicians last night dismissed suggestions that a new service giving MPs special access to a London medical centre was queue-jumping at the taxpayer's expense.
    • Professor John Yates, of the University of Birmingham, acknowledged to Dispatches that ‘many patients don't want to do what you have done’ because they question the morality of queue-jumping.
    • Now, by stealth and with no political flag-waving, this may be the end of the rich queue-jumping over the poor.
    • Oppose increases in university fees and block queue-jumping by full-fee paying students
    • The trust hopes to raise £400,000 a year with this queue-jumping scheme.
    • The plan is certain to be opposed by Labour who will see it as another way of allowing privileged queue-jumping.
    • But what Australians will not accept is the apparent queue-jumping that takes place with regard to immigration.
    • Treatment professionals within the community were found to be resistant to allowing street crime offenders to queue-jump and the result was that the drop-out rate for attendance at the second appointment was as high as 97%.
    • But not only can we not sell our shares, there are no dividends - not even perks such as queue-jumping or private rooms.