Traducción de quibble en Español:


objeción, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkwɪbəl//ˈkwɪb(ə)l/


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    (de poca monta) objeción femenino
    our only quibble is … la única queja que tenemos / la única objeción que podemos hacer es …
    • her criticisms are mere quibbles lo que critica son sutilezas / detalles
    • Other than the political quibbles, London critics were mostly rapturous about this modern-dress revival.
    • In spite of these quibbles, Lancaster's book should prove a valuable resource to ministers and serious laity who are willing to grapple with issues of biblical authority.
    • These criticisms are not quibbles over details, for these texts are among the Arthurian documents cited and used as sources for the arguments put forward.
    • This is a quibble rather than a significant criticism.
    • Despite these quibbles, I recommend this book as a widely accessible and clearly written summary of the main causes of the Great Depression and its legacy for economic policy.
    • However, these are minor quibbles when set against the powerful argument supported throughout the book.
    • Minor quibbles aside, however, it was hard to be critical.
    • A few quibbles aside, we should value the BBC's comprehensive and dedicated coverage of an event that continues to grip our imagination, even if the weather gods frequently rain on Wimbledon's parade.
    • My only quibble with this fine book is with the way in which it which it casually ascribes ultimate influence on the shaping of genres to the power of commerce and its supposedly attendant sensibilities.
    • Cavils and quibbles aside, this is a tome to own.
    • But really, those are minor quibbles compared to the book's overwhelming strengths.
    • Sadly, one of the major parties has slight quibbles with the details of the agreement.
    • My only quibble is that some comments - criticisms and praise - remain unchanged year to year.
    • I find little with which to quarrel and only a bit over which to quibble - and the quibbles supplement the book's argument more than challenge it.
    • However, this is a slight quibble in what is an otherwise fine book.
    • But, if these minor quibbles are the only major criticisms that can be leveled at the album, then there is little worry to be had.
    • These are minor quibbles, however, and the book overall is well-written, highly readable, and very enjoyable and informative.
    • Despite these quibbles, I would recommend the book as a provocative introduction to some of the central postures adopted by Judaism and Christianity in the face of basic human questions.
    • Of course, these are minor quibbles with a book that provides such a wealth of content.
    • But these are small quibbles, and the greater value of this book is that it has its readers asking such questions in the first place.

verbo intransitivo

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    hacer problemas por nimiedades
    ignore him; he just likes to quibble no le hagas caso, es un quisquilloso
    • to quibble over / about sth
    • who's going to quibble over / about a dollar? ¿quién va a protestar / se va a quejar por un dólar?
    • to quibble with sth
    • I'm not quibbling with your assessment no estoy cuestionando tu apreciación
    • he quibbles with everything I say le pone peros a todo lo que digo