Traducción de quicken en Español:


acelerar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈkwɪkən//ˈkwɪk(ə)n/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (pulse/rate) acelerar
    (procedure) agilizar
    he quickened his pace apretó / aceleró el paso
    • the quickening pace of the changes el ritmo cada vez más acelerado de los cambios
    • The heart rate and breathing quickens, muscles become tense and senses become heightened.
    • The big finale, which should be an edge-of-seat cliffhanger, barely quickens the pulse, and merely provides Willis with the opportunity to grandstand.
    • As the ‘kurathi’ started narrating her tale of woe, the pace of the songs quickened as did the steps of her dance.
    • The bandsmen, all dressed in their serious splendour, played at a determined pace, which quickened the pulse.
    • The new films ultimately could quicken the recovery of burn victims and patients with skin ulcers and bedsores, the team asserts.
    • The pulse quickens at the sight of the low range of hills which interpose themselves between the fields and the Libyan Desert - the final resting places of the pharaohs and their families.
    • Still, the contenders' pulses will be quickening this morning.
    • It goes to show that work on the canal is beginning to quicken and that this project can work.
    • Her heartbeat quickens when the footsteps suddenly stop, and the door to the bedroom opens and closes.
    • The rules change that allows the use of disc brakes has helped me hold the Plymouth at the starting line, and the LED Tree has quickened my reaction times.
    • The current quickens and the kayak begins to hurtle towards the tongue of smooth water.
    • As I read the first paragraph of the letter, my heart rate quickened.
    • Asha waited expectantly, with a trace of fear and curiosity, her heartbeat quickening slightly at the prospect.
    • Hearing how bullfighters dramatically flirt with death in the work of an afternoon quickens the pulse; and wandering the old streets of Seville in the bright Andalusian sunshine cannot fail to stimulate your imagination, too.
    • In the second half of the race, the pace quickened and the attacks began.
    • She also urged Japan to quicken the pace of a project aimed at disposing of the huge stockpiles of chemical weapons left in China by retreating Japanese armies.
    • Instead of turning around I quicken my pace, stepping into an entranceway, pressing myself back against the door in fear.
    • Hormonal changes during pregnancy could have quickened the process, they learned.
    • He hopes this will quicken his reaction to the ball.
    • I open my eyes and my pulse quickens and the fear rises within me as the contents of the room pull into focus.
  • 2

    (interest) despertar
    (appetite) estimular
    • In 1773 he became sheriff of Bedford, where an inspection of the local jail quickened his interest in the sufferings of prisoners.
    • Yet, obviously, such transference might quicken interest and offer other ways of thinking about a subject.
    • It also says recent RBOC announcements about fiber and TV reflect a quickening of interest in the U.S. over the past six months.
    • Two or three cups of the stalks, with leaves put into a cup of wine, especially claret, are known to quicken the spirits, refresh and cheer the heart, and drive away melancholy.
    • Interest will quicken in the discarded, spartan works of Bacewicz and Baird, inspiring a generational revival.
    • And though he is never less than insightful, it's tempting to divine a special quickening when Heaney writes about his countrymen.
    • Historically, so far as I can understand, periods of spiritual quickening and revival have gone in hand with God's people coming together to pray.
    • Now, that quickening we call interest originates in the nervous system, but is not limited by it.
    • Like nationalistic impulses elsewhere, the Arab manifestation quickened in the nineteenth century.
    • Adriana listened without comment, setting herself at a distance from the old pains quickened by his words.
    • Despite himself, Davis felt a quickening of the old scientific curiosity.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (pulse/rate) acelerarse
      (procedure) agilizarse
      her heartbeats quickened when she heard his voice al oír su voz el corazón empezó a latirle con fuerza

    • 1.2

      (enthusiasm/interest) aumentar
      (enthusiasm/interest) acrecentarse formal

  • 2literario

    (bulb/seeds) brotar